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The Mentalist "Black Helicopter" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Patrick is as funny as ever on their new case that leads them to Mexico after they find a U.S. attorney's dead body and no record of having her going across the border.

For a while, I felt like this show had lost it's edge, but with watching these newer episodes of it, I felt like something changed and they got back to the old way of doing things. Maybe because there's somewhat of a story line (that turns major in the next few episodes) or maybe it's because the team is settling down into their new home and they can be themselves again.

It was really cute when Patrick was getting gifts for his team members and it was something they really wanted. How he can tell that by just meeting them, I really don't know, though I'd like to. But he some how manages to buy them exactly what they wanted. For Cho, it was magical jumping beans and I can't remember what the other gifts were. But he kept ignoring it when it came to Kim. She really wanted to know what he thought she wanted as a kid. We didn't know what it was until the very end. It was so sweet, too. Kim always wanted a magic wand (princess wand) because she believed in that stuff, but her mom always thought it was stupid and never got her one.

So, back to the case. I had a feeling that when Kim and Patrick went back to question the people that lived in the town the body was found at, that Patrick knew they weren't going to open up to the police. Because he had Kim go out first and stayed behind and how he was watching her, I just had that feeling that he knew that was gonna happen. When he went out there, he knew exactly how to act. He got on their good side and pretended to be somebody who was trying to find a place to settle down. Even got to the place where he believed the lady went to. 

Patrick was right. He's always right. And I should totally stop trying to figure out who the bad guy is because I never can on this show. I thought for sure that it was the guy that was in charge of the farm that Patrick went to, but it turned out to be the lady, Rachel. She was hiding from something she had done horribly in her past and Edith (the attorney) found her (I believe they knew each other) and wanted Rachel to turn herself in and she refused to. To the point of killing her friend and making it look like someone else had done it.

I just love when Patrick just wonders off by himself. Like the first time, he just leaves Kim stranded in the town and Kim is furious when she finally arrives back at the FBI. Then the second time when Patrick found the tunnel and how Edith managed to go from Mexico and probably vice versa, without anybody knowing. It was just funny.

The minute we saw LaRoche, I knew something bad was gonna happen to him. I was hoping I was going to be wrong because of all the stuff he's had to deal with their team already, but I wasn't. Rigsby and LaRoche go to an abandoned warehouse where they think the bad guy is going to and there was a trap there! Well, I was hoping it wasn't gonna be Rigsby that got hurt, but you never know. LaRoche is the one who ended up getting shot and killed. Who is doing this and why? Well, the story line with this gets worse in the next episode.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!