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Covert Affairs "Elevate Me Later" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Since I'm an Annie and Auggie couple fan, I was expecting this episode to be like that. But it wasn't and I was sort of disappointed with it. Don't get me wrong, though. It was a great episode, just totally not what I was expecting.

Auggie gets a blast from the past when he is reunited with Natasha. Sparks immediately fly between them, which puts Auggie in a love triangle. He confesses to Annie that he really has feelings for Haley, but he thinks he still has something with Natasha. Annie really knows her job. Of course, it helped that she was alone and on the run like Natasha has been. But Annie knew enough that if Auggie contacted Natasha again, that she'd go through with making the key and she did!

But it wasn't as smooth as it sounds. This time around, it's Auggie trying to sort out his feelings and really try to figure out which woman he loves the most. Natasha, Haley or Annie? I believe he still has feelings for Annie and it's pretty obvious that Annie has feelings for Auggie. So with Auggie lying to Haley about what's going on (of course, he is in the field and he can't say anyway) and with him getting in too deep with Natasha, Annie is the one who has to do the hard part. Stealing the key away after Natasha refuses to give it to Auggie because she wanted the FBI to drop the charges against her so she could go home and sadly, they couldn't get that to happen.

In order to steal the key, though, Annie had to break in the room and make it so Natasha loses her trust in Auggie, thinking he was in on the plan all along. He was so upset at Annie! I didn't like that scene at all. When he was telling her she chose the job over the trust between him and her. But could that be what's happening? Is Annie getting too caught up in her work?

Annie also has some interesting tasks of her own. Trying to get with Ivan. Who had something to do with the bank where the bad guy was getting money from, I believe. Wow, that whole scene on their date was just, I don't know what word to even use here for it. Whatever Annie needed, she got, but just wow. 

After the blow up with Auggie, Annie tries hard to fix things with him and Natasha and I think she does because Natasha has decided to come home! I was shocked to see her show up at Auggie's doorstep. Now he's again, ignoring Haley's calls once Natasha has come. If Auggie truly has feelings for Haley, he should tell her what's going on, but of course, that could end things or make things even more awkward then they already are.

Arthur on his first out of town business trip with his new job goes awry. The business part went fine and I'm not the only one who noticed Caitlin flirting with Arthur. I think Arthur has picked up on that fact and even Joan has, too. But on their way back to the airport, they get ambushed! I believe they were in Iraq. I do find it odd that Caitlin insisted that Arthur go with her to do the negotiating. I hope that Arthur, with his subtle approach on it, made her think twice about trying to start anything.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. For my part, I am disappointed this year, Annie and Auggie act as if they had never was a couple, I still understand why writers have Hayley and Natasha in the life of Auggie? We know very well that both will not stay in the life of Auggie, Annie and Auggie are still in love, this shows that I do not know where the writers want to take us this year. Hoping that Annie and Auggie quickly found their way together soon

    1. I know right? I was upset to learn that Annie didn't want to be with Auggie anymore. I mean, I understand about the job and all, but they still totally have feelings for each other. And I agree, too, it almost makes it sound like they haven't been together. Let's just hope that they are ignoring their true feelings for each other and it'll come to light soon. :)


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