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Covert Affairs "Silence Kit" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Annie's mysterious 4 months have been revealed! I was right, too. It did have to do with her medical condition. But did she get the medical condition because of being shot? I don't know if that was ever cleared up. It was awesome that the person she confided in was Auggie. I hope they get back to their romance. I really miss it. Though I do actually enjoy the whole possible Ryan and Annie thing. However, I have a bad feeling that Ryan can't be trusted.

What a surprise to see Eyal is the one who helped Annie! Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. There's another guy who likes Annie as more then a friend, but Annie doesn't feel the same way back. I'm not positive that Eyal likes Annie like that, but I just get that feeling. Eyal tried to help Annie leave the CIA and said that her condition was her way out, but Annie still loves what she does and she doesn't think her health issue should stand in the way of that. Which makes me wonder if this will be the reason why she would ever consider taking Ryan up on his offer, since he doesn't believe the health issue should be anybody's business except Annie's. 

Ryan even tries to ask Annie out again and even though they smile at each other, Annie still doesn't want to do anything about it. It might have to do with the whole Auggie and work situation where she's having trouble if she dated another employee, but they don't totally work together, so I wouldn't see what the problem was. But maybe deep down, she doesn't trust him, either.

They finally get a lead on who the Postman is and I can see why no one could ever find him or knew about him to begin with. He's way up in the NSA! Which makes Joan hesitant on trying to get something on him to begin with. But could he be the true bad guy? I found it was way easy for Annie to kill the guy when he snuck up on her. They were able to pull proof that he was bad, but I find it way too early in the season to have the story line be over already. I shouldn't doubt this show, though, they seem to be really great at coming up with new story lines.

Almost forgot to mention why Annie decided to confide in Auggie about what happened! How could I forget such a major thing? Because it was. Annie got into a serious car accident! I'm not sure if she just wasn't paying attention to the other drivers or if that was someone out to get her, but because of that, they had to take blood and she was worried that they would find out about the condition. Thanks to Auggie's help, though, he was able to make it look like nothing was wrong. At first, I was thinking it was Ryan, since he was in the building the same day she went in and found out that they didn't know yet. But I am super glad it ended up being Auggie.

I could totally tell that Annie was jealous when she realized that Haley had stayed the night at Auggie's. I don't know if anybody else did, but I sure did. I still don't trust Haley, either. But she could just be innocent. I hope so for Auggie's sake. He doesn't need someone to betray him. That would be horrible!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!