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Covert Affairs "Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I'm still not totally trusting Ryan. I'm not sure if it's because we don't know much about him or what. But normally I have a pretty good read on new characters if there bad. Well, not all the time, sometimes they do take me off guard. But with him, a little warning light goes off sometimes. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't trust him, since Annie doesn't either. But I can totally tell they have a thing for each other. Ok, it's more Ryan liking Annie, but I think Annie sort of likes Ryan, just won't admit it. He's also trying to recruit her and I think she's starting to maybe see working for him won't be too bad after all.

I'm not sure if she'd ever leave the CIA. I think she likes having that option if she's in a tough situation, but Ryan seems to know a bunch of people and have a bunch of money to get them out of almost anything. Not to mention he has some pretty cool gadgets. Like the thing that unlocked the car when they were stealing one instead of making a big mess, was awesome!

Annie isn't totally wanting to work with Ryan (since she's used to working alone) trying to get out of Venezuela with their bad guy and Ryan's plan actually backfires. He totally should have listened to Annie. But thanks to the plan backfiring, they are on the run now and have to hide out from the police.

One of the things that made a warning sign about not trusting Ryan go up, was when he went out to try to get some medicine for the bad guy that was dying and police men came right after he warned them. I found that a little too quick. I guess it could happen fast, but I just found that odd. Annie is quick on her toes and I'm glad Ryan let her take the lead on this when she was able to get rid of the police by pulling it off that she was just there on vacation and a morphine druggie. 

I always forget how good Annie is in trying to get the truth out of bad guys. But she had to lie in order to get the bad guy to actually talk. The only thing they got out of him, was a name: "The Postman". I also found it odd that no one has heard of that name before. Is it someone new or just someone who's really good a covering their tracks? Auggie goes to a friend for help in learning some news on this new bad guy. At first, I was thinking that his friend was just paranoid, but at the end, we learn that he is indeed being followed. I really hope nothing bad happens to Auggie's friend. Auggie doesn't need another friend dying in the CIA.

Speaking of Auggie, I guess he and his new lady friend are going to try to make it work. Even though she has doubts, since she doesn't want to complicate the work life, but I also don't trust her, either. I've heard her character is more important then we know. But I'm not sure if that just means that Auggie gets a serious girlfriend or if there's something more going on there. Also, who is this mystery girl that Calder is seeing? We see her again and that isn't really made clear who she is yet. Calder is also having second thoughts on getting promoted. He thought he'd like it, but he misses doing certain stuff.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!