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Graceland "Connects" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Everybody is still not used to the new change in boss, having Mike be the lead. I don't think he minds being boss, but I believe he hates being on everybody's bad side, it seems like. Especially Charlie's. After watching this episode, I totally would not want to get on Charlie's bad side. Man, she's scary when she's mad.

She's mad because to help Mike find out who's after him, Paul brilliantly (saying this sarcastically) decides to go to the Cartel that was after him! You know the one. The one that kidnapped Paul and turned him on to drugs and all that. He's one brave guy or maybe he's more scary himself now-a-days to go back to these guys alone! I don't think he gets anything out of him, but just the confirmation that it wasn't them who were after Mike, which I thought we already knew that?

Anyways, Mike tries to get back on to everybody's good side and starting with Paige who refuses Mike's high end access to electronics that could help her crack this case she's working, wide open. This part was awesome when Mike decided to go behind Paige's back and help her anyway and got the time and location!

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not really, since the meet was that day, in a hour to be exact! Paige finally has to agree to get everybody's help on the case and it works, too. She gets the guy and I think she kind of suspects that Mike has feelings for her because of how he treated her when he "arrested" her. Mike has a girlfriend, though and even if he sort of does still have feelings for Paige (and I totally believe he does), I hope he doesn't do something that he'll regret later on.

I felt totally bad for Jakes. He's tried so hard to make things right with his ex-wife and son and even went as far as quitting the Graceland team and moving out and getting a house for him and his son! His ex-wife still doesn't want him around. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was said and I've forgotten by now, but yeah. I know it had somewhat to do with what he did for a living, but other then that I don't know why he can't be around his son. He has just tried so hard and to let it not happen, it's not fair. I am hoping that he doesn't do something stupid, though, while he's upset. I can kind of see him do something that he'll regret later on and I'm hoping just messing up his kids room is the farthest he'll go.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!