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Graceland "Tinker Bell" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Anybody else find it odd that nobody in the whole house wants to seem to get past them not trusting each other anymore and being the same team as in the first season? I feel like everybody is afraid to bring it up and I'm sort of getting sad over the fact that they aren't getting along like they used to and aren't loving Mike, etc. The only person who has warmed back up to Mike, is Paige and that's because they've decided to make a go at their relationship again (even though I don't think Mike has ended things with his girlfriend in DC). Which I really like seeing them together and they work well together, but still, I miss the Johnny and Mike team, too. 

It probably doesn't help that Mike is in charge and no one likes the fact that Paul isn't in charge on this one. Which could explain the whole Johnny and Mike relationship not going well, but it seems like no one trusts each other and it bugs me that they don't even want to try to work through it to get back to where they were in the first season. It's like really? You all live together and you don't want to get along with the person you live with? After a while, the walking on egg shells things would get to me and I'd want to work it out as best as I could.

Johnny tries to clear up Charlie's fallout of not going through with the plan that Mike was pretty upset about. I really wonder what Paul thinks sometimes when he sees Charlie beating herself up on thinking Paul was a bad guy when in fact, he is. That's something else I'm a little bummed about that we haven't seen yet. Is Paul being back as the mysterious drug lord. Is that story line dead or are they waiting for a big return from him? But since Mike doesn't seem to trust Johnny right now, either, he doesn't think it's smart for Johnny to go in and try to do it himself. Which Mike was probably right on. Since the guy picked up on the fact that Johnny was trying to give him the wrong antique stuff he was into. And not to mention they were going to test the guns and the bad guy himself was gonna cheat and kill Johnny! Or at least shoot him, if it wasn't for his annoying sister to come it, who knows what would have happened to Johnny.

The Lady In White must be a special thing Paige wears when she goes to a certain drug dealer that Mike thinks is connected to the bus line he's trying to track. Mike also makes the situation more dangerous because he decides that Paige should amp up her buying. They should have listened to Paul (after all, he is an expert on this in more ways then one) because he was right and the drug dealer went crazy and hurt Paige! He stabbed her hand! Of course, Mike was upset, but not like I thought he was going to be. 

Jakes is going down a dark path, which is what I was afraid of. I think Mike notices that. Well, it helps that Jakes did a midnight raid on Graceland demanding that he gets his room back. The final decision is left up to Mike and he goes with Jakes. But it seems like all the members, except for Mike, has a problem with Jakes. Why is that an issue all of the sudden? Of course, the whole trust issue in the whole house could be part of the problem. Mike gets Jakes on looking on the cameras to find a clue on what bus to track down and he actually does! I think Mike might be trying to mend the thing with Paige and Jakes because he has them work together. Paige spots the backpack and they think the drugs are in the backpack, but sadly, it's in the girls system. Paige wants to help the girl out and gives her a cellphone to track, but by the time Paige follows the phone, the backpack was dumped. I hope that's not a bad sign. Even if the girl is still alive, Paige is gonna feel terrible about losing her. But I have a funny feeling that maybe, the girl is dead somewhere. I mean, I really hope not, but I guess I wouldn't be surprised if they did find a body. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!