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Pretty Little Liars "Miss Me x 100" (100th Episode) Review

*Review contains MAJOR spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Even though I was beyond excited for my favorite show to reach such a milestone of an episode, I was a little nervous to watch it because the preview for it looked "so-so" and I was really hoping that I was wrong and they proved me wrong big time! My expectations were met and exceeded times 100 (if you wanna say). :)

They totally make you think it's going to be a normal episode. With Ali returning to school (which isn't normal, still pretty major, but nothing too exciting has happened yet) and all the girls adjusting into their new "normal" with Ali returning to school and they made a great job at making at least me, think that nothing exciting was going to happen. But just wait!

The first exciting thing to happen, that I actually knew about already, is that Jenna returned! Ok, not exciting, but it would be shocking to the fans that didn't know that. In a weird way, I'm happy she's back, but she has a hard time with Shana. Who knew she had feelings like that for her? I actually really liked the fact that Aria found out a way to possibly get over her guilt by having Jenna talk things over with Aria about Shana. But later on, I think that was the worst thing Aria could do. Little do we know, Jenna is working with Mona! Here comes the first big twist I did not see coming. Sydney (who played a pretty amazing clueless girl on all the things Paige and Emily were talking about), is in fact working with Jenna and Mona! Who knew? However, I guess I should have figured out that a new girl in town had to have some sort of connection with all that's going on.

I totally believe Ali has changed. Sure, she still lies. Just because that's probably something that's harder for her to get over, since she's done it all her life. But I feel like she's really trying hard to make amends with the people she's made fun of. Emily even tries to have Paige and Alison make up so that she can have some sort of peace with her friends! How brave of Emily, right? Though, I felt like she felt awkward during that whole situation.

Another character returns, Caleb! Who completely ignores Hanna and Caleb has changed. I never watched Ravenswood, so I'm not sure all what his character had to go through, but I can tell for the little bit we saw him, that he has changed. It looks like towards the end, he and Hanna somewhat make up, though. Hopefully we will be seeing Haleb before we know it. Not that Caleb was ever my favorite guy, but I was mad when he left. I don't trust Travis, either. 

It seems like couples are pairing up right and left. Alison and Emily (well, sort of), Aria and Ezra (yay!) and well, Toby and Spencer. Not that they went away, but I'm glad we got to see some Spoby scenes. They are my favorite couple, after all. Also, who thinks that the whole "Lucas' girlfriend" thing is just a lie and either he's working with -A again or did that just to try to make Hanna jealous? I totally think he still has a thing for her. The fact that we didn't see Lucas' girlfriend and that weird reason he had for her not being there, I was just wondering if the party was a set up for something else. Also, who did Lucas call after he invited Hanna to the party? 

Now comes the big shocker and one that I'm glad happened because I missed those, actually. Who knew? Anyways, we finally learn who was in Ali's grave! A girl named Bethany. How is she connected to all of this? How did they finally learn who the identity was? Also, why did the police say that Ali was "alleged" kidnapped? Did Mona or -A leak info that Ali isn't telling the truth? Oh, also, when Ali slapped Mona in the confrontation at church, who was following Ali in the car? Couldn't have been Mona. But while they were watching the news report, guess what happens? At first, I thought a car had blown up, but it was Toby's house! And then, the thing I've actually missed that I didn't think I would in a million years, we hear that dreaded alert of a text and all the girls received something at once! Made me think of when they first started. Not sure why, but I had that flashback just now when they first got that horrible first group text by -A. Not sure what this one says, yet, but I think in the preview for next week, it said "Did you miss me?". So yes, who knew that I'd actually miss -A? -A returned in a huge way, too. Was anybody in Toby's house? Hopefully Jenna wasn't, but I have a feeling that perhaps Jenna might be behind this. I hope not. Oh, also the girl, Bethany was a patient at Radiley. I don't think that was a coincidence. 

Another thing I've missed with -A being gone. The mysterious -A scenes at the end. We see -A is moving in some place and has boxes full of stuff and a doll that -A puts next to a house. I'm assuming that meant the house that blew up, so I'm hoping that doesn't mean someone was inside. I believe this is the -A we've been waiting for. Maybe, at least. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. But this show has been renewed for 2 more seasons, so probably not. I'm just glad it didn't turn out to be Shana, because that was somewhat of a let down.

I really wanna know what you guys thought on the 100th episode. Feel free to comment below! :)