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Pretty Little Liars "Run, Ali, Run" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

-A is back! Who knew I thought I would miss this menace, but I actually did and I'm glad that -A came back in a big way too. However, I'm with Spencer. Why did -A wait this long to come back and come back the way they did? Why blow up Toby's house when they were all gathered together a few doors down? I've been saying since the season premiere that Shana wasn't -A. That would have been way too easy and kind of a let down. Aria finally spoke up on what at least I've been thinking all along. That it is someone they haven't suspected yet or maybe never will suspect. I just have a feeling -A is gonna be a total shocker once they finally let us in on who it is.

This -A seems to be the worst yet. Of course, the person who attacked Ali in her house, may not be -A. Ali is right, if -A wanted her dead, why didn't -A just kill Ali right then and there? Though I sort of think that -A wanted to kill Ali, but -A was interrupted by Emily who bravely saved the day. 

Because of this, -A is wanting Ali to stay and if she leaves, -A really will kill Ali the next time. In a way, I'm glad that Ali is staying. I feel like she's better protected with her friends and if they would just listen to Caleb and go to the cops, then she would have a whole force protecting her. But I can understand why the girls would be nervous to get that kind of help since they've tried to in the past and -A is always one step ahead of them.

The lieutenant is back and is really researching hard on this whole Ali thing. In a way, I wonder if she thinks Ali is hiding something. Could she know more then she's letting on? I'm always a bit suspicious of new characters on this show. Most of the time, (i.e. Sydney) they end up being bad and working for -A. That's why I haven't fully trusted Travis. I'm glad he broke things off with Hanna. Hanna and Caleb so have feelings for each other still, but I believe they are still mad at each other for how their relationship ended. But the Caleb and Hanna relationship could be mending, since Hanna decided to confide in Caleb about wanting to help Ali leave. At first, I was thinking that Hanna was gonna come up with a plan or trick to get Ali to stay, but to learn that she was actually helping her friend escape was a surprise. Once she explained why, though, I understand.

I'm with Spencer and being shocked that Aria would just go right back to Ezra after all that he did to them. But part of me redeemed him that night he took a bullet for the girls. I have a feeling that it's gonna be harder for the other girls to get over that fact and let Aria be happy with him. Because of that, Aria makes up an excuse for hooking up with him the other night to Spencer and said that it will never happen again. Yeah, right. Aria is the best at keeping secrets, so I don't think she'd have a hard time keeping that one again.

Ezra doesn't think he's far off on the whole Mrs. Dilaurentis theory. Bethany and Mrs. Dilaurentis did know each other. That's what I got from the drawing that Eddie mysteriously left on Ezra's door. Why would he give the drawing to Ezra and not to Spencer since she's the one who was asking him? I also found it odd how Eddie was acting when Spencer was asking him the questions. Yes, I know he has rules to go by, but he was just acting very odd. But thank goodness Ezra hasn't taken the cameras down (odd?) in the hall, so they could see who delivered the package. 

This is why I like Spencer. She's brave enough to try to fix the rift between her parents and I thought it had worked, but sadly, they just agreed to split up. Mrs. Hastings and Spencer do get to go home, but with her dad moving out. I have had a funny feeling, though, that Mr. Hastings is getting framed and I'm really hoping it's not Mrs. Hastings who's doing the framing because then Spencer would be in real trouble if that was case. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up that way. 

I am bummed that Lucas is working with Mona still. I thought he had gotten out of that and he's one of my favorite characters that you hardly ever see. But here's no shocker, Melissa is working with Mona, too! That was just basically confirmed, even though I kind of knew it all along. Also, why would Aria be the perfect fit to volunteer at Radely? I was shocked to see that was the one who did it. I was thinking Hanna or Emily, not Aria. I could see why Spencer wouldn't do it, just because she was a patient there and it would seem odd, but Aria, really? Also, -A is sending some flowers to Bethany's parents. Is that a clue on who this -A might be?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!