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Pretty Little Liars "The Silence Of E. Lamb" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Compared to the last few episodes, this episode wasn't too thrilling. We didn't learn too much and I guess it's what you call a filler episode. However, next weeks looks like it's gonna be another exciting one. I guess it's good to have a breather every once in a while. You don't want a show to be intense all the time. I wouldn't mind, though. 

At first, I liked the fact that Hanna was changing her style and trying to become herself. But I feel she needs to talk to someone. Either her friends to let them know what's going on with her (am I the only one who finds it odd that no one seemed to be worried about her?) or to someone professional. I'm glad that Hanna realized that she wasn't totally herself, that she kind of changed into the next Alison (but not as mean), but still to go through this kind of change, I don't like. Her secretly drinking and I don't think Caleb is much help, since he is drinking, too. Man, I miss the old Caleb. What happened to him? Emily finally had to boot Hanna out of the house at Emily's mom's dinner party because of Hanna's drunk attitude. Though, I believe Hanna was telling the down right truth to Alison, even if Alison doesn't want to admit it.

Yes, Emily's mom had a dinner party. It was just gonna be for the three of them, Mrs. Fields, Emily and Alison, but Emily didn't want to be left alone with those two since she had no clue what her mom's intentions were with the dinner, so she tried to recruit her friends and the only one who ended up showing up, was Hanna. But like I said, that turned out to be the worst person to show up to the dinner. However, Spencer was busy with Ezra and Aria was trapped in Radley after she tried to get the painting back from the creepy lady.

It's Aria's first day volunteering at Radley and it's no walk in the park. She tries secretly to see who would take the painting or who would recognize it and I'm not sure if the lady who had a cow when she saw it, was what Aria had in mind on trying to find out about the painting. Aria finally gives it back to the lady, which in turns leads Aria being trapped in Radley until way after she was supposed to leave. Trapped under the ladies bed to be exact. I would have loved to know how she ended up getting out of that situation, but we sadly never saw it. Eddie totally remembers Aria, too, but he just can't place her. I can understand, sort of, why Aria won't just out right tell him who she is. I think the plan is to maybe gain his trust and try to get info out of him? But I think he'll find out who she is before that ever happens and -A will probably be the one that helps with that.

Spencer has hopefully, mended things with Ezra. Since she's the one that goes over to help Ezra move all his book searching supplies to some storage place. She actually thanked him for saving their lives! Spencer has more to deal with at home, though. Is Melissa finally gonna confess to Spencer about what the big secret is in the house? I believe Melissa killed or at least knows who killed Bethany. Of course, it could be something different, but that's my theory. Also, I'm wondering if the whole rat in the trash bag was a big clue on who put the rat in Paige's locker. Was it Melissa?

Mrs. Field's big dinner was her trying to see what was between Alison and Emily. She realized after all these years, that it could have been something more. But could Mrs. Field's be the one who makes Emily realize that Alison might not be the one? Since Emily made that phone call to Paige, I'm wondering if Emily is gonna perhaps consider discarding her feelings for Alison.

Then there's Hanna and Caleb. Who finally kiss and even though I'm not sure they are the best for each other right now, since they are both drinking, I am happy to see this couple possibly back! But before that, Hanna reveals a bit too much to Sydney who just happens to be at the coffee place when Hanna got kicked out and needed someone to talk to. Thanks to that conversation, it looks like her friends are turning on her after -A sends a really rude text. Letting them know that she blabbed to Sydney about their New York adventure. Hanna needs her friends now more then ever if she really wants to break away from Alison. Caleb tried to help, but that backfired, big time. I always get a sense that Caleb and Alison sort of know each other before they even met. Is that just me or does anybody else think that too? 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!