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Pretty Little Liars "Surfing The Aftershocks" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The girls, sadly, have another funeral to go to. But I was surprised that we didn't actually get to see the funeral and was anybody else confused or did it seem that they went back a couple days because Alison had to go to the funeral home to pick stuff out for the funeral that I thought had already happened at the beginning? Or was there something else that had to be done after the funeral? I was just confused during that scene. It was odd that Alison just happened to pick out the black dress her mom wore to her own funeral. Unless that's the only black dress her mom owns. I did think it was kind of interesting how they had Alison at the beginning. She kind of shut down and cut herself off from the world. Which is understandable. She did lose someone really close to her. But it was interesting how they pieced it together and stuff.

Hanna by far had the most interesting story line in this episode. Who knew she was supposedly the next "Alison" and didn't even realize it until she was at the funeral home with Alison when the caretaker came in and thought she was Alison and Alison pointed out that they actually somewhat look a like. That resulted in a bunch of flashbacks of Hanna after Alison disappeared and guess who gave her the makeover? Yep, Mona! That's how they became such great friends. But Mona, I think, knew what she was doing all along. Turning Hanna into the next Alison. Why it took Hanna this whole time to figure that out, I don't know, but I actually didn't piece that together until she realized it herself, either, so yeah. But it was interesting. Why would Mona do something like that? Just to make them both popular or did she have some sort of angle up her sleeve? Because of all of this Hanna is going through an identity crisis and I'm curious to see how it all pans out and who she figures out who she is in the end.

Aria finally confesses! She had to to someone. I think it would have been better if she confessed to a police officer, but I think anybody would have been good at this point. She choose Ezra and I think that's good at least for right now. It might somewhat help with their relationship and the trust between them might grow again! But she wasn't thrilled to learn that Ezra was back and had to learn from Mona from all people that he was. She gets up the nerve to go visit him and she just blurts out the thing about Shana. Depression does run in Aria's family, so I hope nothing serious happens with her.

Spencer, as always, is finding out more and more info from her kind of crazy family. Is there more to Jason then we know or could have had more to do with his mom's death then we know? Spencer is in denial, but I believe he has somewhat of a role in this whole thing. Especially with how creepy and mysterious they are making him. I don't believe he's -A anymore, just because they are making him way too obvious. I knew this already, but now Spencer finally knows that she can't trust her dad! Well, I didn't fully know it, but I had a suspicion about it. 

Emily meets a new girl, Sydney. I kind of like the new girl and I'm hoping she's not apart of all this stuff that's going on. You never know with new people. It was kind of funny how Paige and Emily were trying to explain their relationship to her. I don't know why they just didn't come right out and tell her, but maybe they felt weird telling a new girl about it. 

I wanna know who was with Mona when Hanna was getting her hair done. It totally looked like Alison to me. Was making Hanna start to question her identity all apart of some big plan or could that have been Cece there instead? I don't know why Mona and Alison would be working together, since Mona supposedly has that army for when Alison comes back to school, unless that's some big plan of Alison's too. For some reason, I don't trust her. If she needs to fake people, she can totally do it and I'm thinking all of this is part of some big plan she has already concocted and only let a certain few in on it.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!