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Pretty Little Liars "Thrown From The Ride" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Am I the only one who thinks -A is not really gone? I've said this before when the premiere happened, that I don't believe they got rid of -A. I just think -A is making them think that it's over and then, wham, it'll hit with a huge, scary something that'll happen maybe in the 100th episode or not until closer to the season finale. I mean, the main premise of the show is -A and with it being renewed for 2 more seasons, to have -A be killed off in the season premiere would be kind of dumb on their part. Of course, this show could go many different ways if they wanted it to and wanted to move on from the -A thing. Such as, has Ali really changed? Will she stop telling lies and finally put everything behind her and move on? But I just have a funny feeling we are not done with the -A situation. Especially after a few things that happened in this episode.

At first, I was really liking the new Hanna. How she's trying to figure out who she is, but if she really goes back to shop lifting like she was doing in the first season, I don't know if I'll be totally thrilled with that. I know she's trying to find out who she is, but still. She doesn't have to go back to her old way of doing things. Also, who was watching or actually listening to Hanna in the dressing room? The first person was obviously the clerk asking Hanna if she was alright, but who was the second person who mysteriously walked up and walked away? Was it Mona or what?

Lucas is still one of my favorites and I am so glad he's back and he proved to be my favorite again by standing up to Mona and saying he won't help her with Alison's army! Go Lucas! He's buying into Alison's story, though and Mona told him she had proof that Alison wasn't kidnapped. What kind of proof does Mona have?

I am really hoping Spencer's dad is not the one who killed Jessica, but after last nights episode, I am having my doubts. That's why she thinks there are secrets in her house, but I believe the only big secret in her house is whatever Melissa is hiding and that was kind of a bomb shell to learn that Melissa had gotten back together with Wren! Is that why she went to London or was that just an excuse? But Spencer found proof that Mr. Hastings could be the one that killed Jessica after Spencer learned of what killed her. Mr. Hastings would have been trying to protect his daughter because Jessica was gonna go to the police to tell that Spencer is the one who hurt Ali, but I believe there is way more to that story then we know. Also, is it weird that all of the sudden Mrs. Hastings had to go to a spa day/weekend? Her dad was just acting extremely odd when he came in and they were talking about it. Oh please have nothing happen to Mrs. Hastings too! Poor Spencer has enough to deal with.

I am actually sort of feeling bad for Alison. What really happened to her while she was gone trying to escape from -A? To the point of her being so scared and breaking down and crying to her dad when she had to go in for that test. All the girls are ignoring her, except for Hanna. I'm not exactly sure why the girls are ignoring her. Emily is confused about her feelings for her, so that's understandable, but the other girls? I think Spencer is mad at Alison for lying again and Aria is having to deal with the depression. 

Go Ezra for helping Aria try to get out of her depression! I just loved that scene when he realized what was going on and correct me if I'm wrong, but I totally think that playing the board games with her, he was trying to distract her and take her mind off of everything. Aria is so obsessed with Shana, that she watched the funeral they had online for her (which anybody else found that odd?) a million times. I'm sure I'm not the only one who found the part when we thought Shana had gotten up out of the coffin beyond creepy, but thank goodness that was just Aria's crazy imagination. I am glad that she decided to stay at Spencer's house instead of Ezra's because staying at Ezra's would have been a bad idea. Just sayin'.

Who was listening in on Emily and Paige's conversation at the end? There was totally someone in the bush. Paige decided to warn Emily of what was gonna happen when Alison returned to school. I gotta give Paige some points there for that. Also, the way she stood up to Mona, how awesome was that? Telling Mona right to her face that she had become Alison herself, was probably the best part of the whole episode. Seems to me that Emily at least, is getting closer to Sydney. They seem more like friends and I think Emily needs a new friend right now. I'm just hoping she's not apart of all of this.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!