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Suits "Know When To Fold 'Em" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Decisions, decisions. Mike had the hardest decision he has had to make yet, on this show. To leave the job he loves (yes, I believe he still loves being a lawyer) or take the new job? I don't think it helped when he finally realized that he won't ever be able to move up in the firm because of him not actually being a lawyer, but he still has a pretty hard decision to make. I've never had to make one quite has hard as Mike, but I know what he's going through. It's hard making decisions and sometimes, you want other people to make it for you.

Which he tries super hard to do, but everybody knows what he's trying to get at and they won't do anything. He even tries to get his possible future boss to help him make the decision by putting out all these big things Mike would want in his contract.

Everybody takes the news of Mike finally accpeting the job offer pretty hard, but Harvey is the one who has the hardest time. I mean, it's understandable. He wanted someone like himself and one he could train and be partners with (and dare I even say, friends?) and I believe he found the perfect person for that. But if it didn't have to be so complicated with Mike not really being a lawyer, it would have been fine. I was reminded of the very first episode when Donna first met Mike. She knew immediately he was the type of person Harvey was looking for.

Depression hits Louis hard after the break up with Sheila. I believe, if it wasn't for the doctors orders to take it easy, he would have easily broken out of the depression or just buried himself in his work and would be yelling at all of his poor employees. Which I'm not sure which would be better. But since he can't do anything, he let it take him over and Katrina is doing her best at trying to pass stuff off as Louis' work until a big case that Louis should have worked on instead, comes in and blows up Katrina's plan. I thought for sure that Katrina and Rachel had done a good thing, but Charles had yet another thing to add to it and was able to shut down their plan immediately, which cost Katrina her job when Jessica found out what really happened.

I actually was very impressed with Jessica to go over to her employees house to try to get him back to his old self and she was the only one who actually did it! The pep talk she had was perfect for Louis and lit the fire in him once again. Even tough it was only one episode that Louis wasn't himself, I actually missed him and was happy when he started to get that back.

I don't believe Donna trusts Scottie. Either that or Donna is jealous that Scottie is with Harvey instead of it being Donna and Harvey. But by the way Donna acted when Harvey said that he wanted to tell Scottie the truth about Mike was just weird. Of course, she did have a valid point. With all the stuff that's gone wrong in their relationship already, how do we know for sure that this wouldn't be something that Scottie would come back and turn it around or something? I would hope not, but you never know.

Mike realizes at the end, that he made the wrong decision by accepting the new job, thanks to their current case. The guy was coming hard at Harvey trying to get him into trouble to get money out of it. He was a gambler and lost everything. Again, I believe Mike loves being a lawyer and maybe Mike thought by taking the other job, he'd be taking the easy way out. Because of this new decision, he has decided to go to Lola (who is she?) and put his name in the bar. I just hope she can be trusted and won't spill the beans.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!