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The Mentalist "Forest Green" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

After all these years, I still love to see Patrick solve a case. This one was quite fun. He knew right off the bat that the killer was in the rich mens club that was a few hours away. Of course, it helped that that was the only place within miles of where the victim was found. 

It's fun to see Theresa and Patrick's relationship grow. From the first time they worked together and Patrick always getting on Theresa's nerves, to now and Theresa basically letting Patrick do his own thing. Even though he's still does crazy stuff to solve the crime. But his plans always works and I'm pretty sure he knows most of the time, they just need the killer to confess. 

Now don't bite my head off, but it's really cute seeing Theresa in a relationship. I know what happens, so that could be why I'm enjoying it so much. Still, I don't think we've ever seen this side of Theresa and it's refreshing. Even though I got a funny feeling that Pike might be bad. I hope not and that might not be the direction of the show, but he just acts a little odd sometimes with certain phone calls.

I was surprised to see how the case turned out, but I still had plenty of fun watching Patrick role out his plan on catching the bad guy. The victim, turned out to be gay, but she was an escort as well and brought guys to a cabin that was on the club property. Grant (the golfer we met earlier), his attorney was the bad guy! He was setting up cameras to try to blackmail people and the victim walked in on him and you can guess what went on from there. 

Here's something I didn't see coming. I knew Theresa was offered to go somewhere, but what I didn't know, is that it was Pike who asked Theresa to go to DC with him for his new job! I totally sensed some hesitation when Pike asked Theresa kind of how she felt and if she wanted to go with him. I don't think she feels as strongly about Pike as Pike feels about her, but I'm still excited to see how their relationship pans out.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!