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Covert Affairs "Brink Of The Clouds" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I was right! Sorry, being right for a TV show, especially one like this, doesn't happen too often. But I was right about the whole thing with Auggie blowing up in a big way and he doesn't even know some of the stuff that happened!

Auggie was trying hard to juggle both girlfriends, but finally, like I was predicting, it got to Natasha to the point of where she left. I was surprised, though, that she waited to say goodbye to Auggie. Maybe she wanted an explanation or perhaps she was hoping for him to say "Ok, if you are leaving I'll dump Haley right away" or to take Natasha up on her offer of leaving with her. Auggie can't do that. Not with the type of job he has. That would raise too many flags. Because of the goodbye kiss on the sidewalk, Haley saw it and Auggie has no clue she saw it. 

This sounds like it'll get worse from here because he finally smoothed the whole "please don't tell the CIA about Annie's condition" over, but because of Haley realizing what Auggie was doing, she's more then likely lost her trust in him and will come charging in bringing down the horrible news about Annie to the CIA. 

To make matters worse for Auggie. His day was not a walk in the park. He found out that a good friend of his (I don't believe this was the first time we saw him?), had turned bad! To top it all off, too, he had to be in the room when they watched the drone strike on his friend because that was the only way to stop him. If you ask me, that was a bit extreme, but I think Calder thought it was the best since Annie and Ryan were out numbered.

Yep, Annie and Ryan were working together again on this case. The whole time they were looking for Nathan (the bad guy), I thought for sure they were walking into a trap because after all, the person helping them had killed the last person that was trying to look for Nathan. But they didn't end up dying. Thank goodness or else the show would end. I did not know how they were going to get out of being kidnapped by Nathan with a drone strike on the way, though. Thanks to Annie, that happened. Also, Ryan saved Annie's life once again. She had another episode after being attacked by a scout and couldn't find the right medicine.

Since Haley and Natasha are both possibly out of Auggie's life, does that mean that perhaps we can get back to Auggie and Annie or is Ryan gonna try to make a move again? It seems like he hasn't given up on it. He even tried again in this episode when he learned he and Annie were working together again.

Calder has finally ended things with his mysterious lady! Or has it? He wasn't very convincing after he saw her get in a cab and drive away. But it made me wonder if Calder was the one that got the lady arrested in the first place? Because of something he had said to Joan. Joan isn't thrilled at all that he had to take personal time out of the office, while they were trying to figure out what to do with finding Nathan, to help his mysterious girl.

Auggie looks like he has something else to deal with. His friend, Roger, called. The one that helped identify who the Postman was. He sounded even more paranoid then before. I hope nothing happens to another one of Auggie's friends. That would be really hard for him. But what did Roger mean that whatever they uncovered isn't over yet? Sadly we won't know until next time...maybe. :(

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!