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Covert Affairs "Grounded" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, just wow! I thought last weeks episode was good, well, this weeks episode went above and beyond last weeks! Everything big that has been going on or is going on kind of is blowing up in a big way. Exactly what I predicted, remember? I just had a funny feeling that the secrets were all gonna come out almost all at once and they almost did.

Not only did the CIA find out about Annie's health condition, Roger suspects that who they killed for the Postman, wasn't the right person. To top it all off, is Ryan actually bad like I was suspecting from the beginning? Just when I was starting to like him and think that Annie and he would make a perfect couple. I even enjoyed the kiss, but bam, I knew the minute that doorbell rung, that something bad was gonna happen. Either someone was killing Ryan and that's why we didn't see him right away or he was dealing something bad. 

It was something bad. I don't know which one I would have liked better. Ryan getting killed or us finding out for sure that he was bad. Either way is a lose, lose situation. Especially for Annie. Here she finally realizes that she has feelings for Ryan, all to find out that Roger was truly being followed and it was by someone Ryan had set up! So, it makes me wonder, was Ryan responsible for Roger's death? I was so hoping Auggie wouldn't have to deal with another death of a friend, but I am hoping that they find out that Roger didn't die in vain. 

I'm a little upset that Ryan is bad because I was hoping that Annie would have a fall back job once the CIA knew her health condition. But now that we know he's bad, I doubt she'll go work for him. I'm just hoping that maybe, just maybe, the CIA will let her come back on once they find out some evidence that Annie really was on the right track and isn't some double agent. Which is what I'm sure is going through their minds after she blew off the really important meeting she had to be at with Joan and Calder. What's up with that weird conversation that Calder had when we learned that he kept his job? Was that odd to anybody else or just me?

So, Haley is saying she didn't blow the whistle on Annie because she was mad at Auggie. But why did she decide to do it like right after anyways? I think she just doesn't want to admit that she did it just to get back at Auggie for what he had done. Auggie was in kind of a tough spot. I mean, I understand why he didn't want to end things with Haley, but he shouldn't have done what he did because now he has two ladies hating him. 

Caitlin is asking more and more questions about Annie. Why does she want to know all that stuff and what the money was used for? I know it's her job to keep track of that stuff, but she was just becoming a little too curious about Annie. Is she really the mole that Ryan is looking for or is there more to her then that? Could Ryan himself be the mole?

It's also not the first time for Annie to have feelings for the bad guy. Seems to be kind of her type lately. I just hope that she either can change Ryan or Ryan isn't bad or Annie can get out of it without getting in too deep. 

After the last two episodes, I am not worried about how the rest of the season will be going. If they keep this up, it's gonna probably be better then last season and that's really saying something. Whoever the writers for this show are, they are doing an amazing job!

Did you love or hate this episode? let me know in the comments below!