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Covert Affairs "Sensitive Euro Man" (Summer Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Must have totally missed the part in the promo when they said "On the summer finale" because at the end, they were like "Returning in the fall" and I was like "What?!". In a way, it was kind of nice not knowing it was a summer finale. Made it way more exciting and even somewhat annoying (which is what I love about cliffhangers) that I have to wait possibly a month or longer for the next set of episodes to roll in.

Having said that, it was a pretty amazing episode. No big surprise to learn that Annie was right after all. Ryan wasn't bad (and I was thinking he was this whole time), but my gut was actually right along the lines of Annie's in the whole "Caitlin is bad thing". I wasn't expecting her to have possibly been married to the bad guy she was working with. That's what I got when I saw the ring around her neck. Or could there be more to her story? Like I was wondering if perhaps, she was forced to work for the bad guys because they had her real husband kidnapped somewhere? Could just be a long shot and maybe I'm just hoping I wasn't right, but yeah, I think I am.

The only thing I am truly upset about, is that they shot Ryan! I thought for sure he was dead, so to see him just in the hospital, was somewhat of a relief. Though, it doesn't look good for him. I'm really hoping he pulls through and even though I love Annie and Auggie together, I really like Annie and Ryan together as well. If it doesn't work with her and Auggie (I believe they totally have feelings for each other still) and if Ryan pulls through, if they could possibly hook up, I wouldn't mind that, either.

After all this and the agency learning Annie was right all along, could she get her job back or is her heart condition gonna keep her from getting her dream job back? But, if Ryan does make it, she could go back to working for him again. 

Auggie and Annie's relationship seems to be on the rocks, sort-to-speak. I really hope they make up! I mean, what's the show without Annie and Auggie at least working as a team? Of course, if you read between the lines, Auggie blowing up at Annie could mean what his true feelings are for her. Why else would he get so upset if he still didn't like her? Yes, he was lied to, but he should know by now that Annie wouldn't do something like that if she had a good reason. 

At the end, the bad guy ended up taking the high road, is that what I got from it? Saying all those nice things and how horrible it was, blah blah blah. At the end, I really wanted Ryan's hand to move and touch Annie's to just let us know he will be ok. But sadly, it didn't and we will have to wait until the show starts back up again. Oh, it doesn't look like who they thought was the bad guy, wasn't. Caitlin was just an employee for someone working higher up. Who could it be?!

Did you love or hate the summer finale? Let me know in the comments below!