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Covert Affairs "Spit On A Stranger" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is Ryan really bad? Ok, I know I'm the one who's been on board with this whole thing from the beginning, but after tonight when we found out that he was "guilty", I started to have my doubts. 

I think it was mainly because I don't believe that Caitlin just happened to follow Annie to that spot. How did Caitlin know Annie was leaving or even talking to Arthur without her actually spying on Annie? Of course, that could be part of her job, but that sounds odd to me. I've been suspicious of Caitlin being the possible mole that Ryan has been looking for ever since he said he had one and now my suspicions are even more so after tonight's episode.

The way she acted when she found out that her boss was supposedly a bad guy was just off, too. She tried to act worried and play it off as "I don't believe you", but it looked more to me like she was trying to figure out how she could play this off and pin more stuff on her boss. I think Caitlin is trying to set up Ryan. Get the blame off herself by getting the CIA to trust her. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. I hope I don't have all the story figured out in just one episode, though. I've said this before that it's hard for me to figure out one episode so fast, but to figure out a whole entire rest of the season? I hope I'm wrong because then it wouldn't be as fun as it should be.

There were some other things that got me off about Caitlin. The way she acted when Annie first got hired is one. The "welcome aboard" meeting, where Caitlin was the only one who didn't look thrilled about Annie's quick promotion and the fact that I got a icy cold feeling towards Annie from Caitlin when she first showed her where Annie was working.

Anyways, enough about that. It does look like Ryan was hiding some stuff. But why tell Annie about Flint when she already knew about it after hacking into his stuff? The way he went about it, made me wonder if he knew she had hacked into his stuff? Might not have, but I just don't know.

Auggie is getting in trouble for just working with Annie and being a good friend and hanlder for her. To the point where Calder had to call an investigation because Auggie wasn't telling the truth and Calder knew it. But go Joan for making Calder think twice about what he had done and he finally did the right thing. By trusting Auggie and not going through with the investigation!

I'm surprised they didn't try to keep the arresting of Ryan as hush hush as they could. Seeing as he's such a powerful guy, you'd think that they would have thought that Ryan would have inside guys to tell him about certain stuff. He did, so that's why he went to Annie to tell him he thought he was being set up, etc. and she just let him go! I think she's starting to realize that maybe, just maybe, he's not bad after all.

If he turns out to not be bad, I wonder if Annie would consider a relationship with him? They both obviously have feelings for each other. Why else would you stay up all night talking to someone like that and then kiss and then that guy also tries to recruit you for his work instead of where you are working now? I'm a bit torn if that happens. I'm an Annie and Auggie fan, so that's why I wouldn't want anything to go on, but Annie deserves some happiness in her life right now, so yeah. It was awesome seeing Annie and Auggie work a lot together again. They haven't had too much of that and so it was refreshing. But I have a feeling that all the stuff that went on this episode, is a major story line set up for the rest of the season and I'm really excited to see what it is! Even if I might have figured some of it out already. We will just have to wait to see if I'm right. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Great episode................had me on the edge. Annie knew Ryan was hiding something when he came back from the door..................She reads people so well. She played him, and then when he confesses he was hiding info..............she has to question why he would tell the end, with a gun he gave her, pointed at appears her skills kicked in.............she knew he was telling the truth, and let him go. At the end..............she hid the truth from her trusted friend, Auggie............the question is WHY?

    1. It was an awesome episode, I agree! But I think Annie might have hid the truth from Auggie because she doesn't want to admit she has feelings for Ryan and that would really complicate things with her and Auggie. That and I think Annie is somewhat trying to not get Auggie into more trouble then he already is with the CIA. At least, that's what my opinion is. :)

    2. Oh and another thing. Annie can normally spot if she has a tale, can't she? Either Caitlin was really good at doing that and Annie wasn't paying attention or Caitlin isn't telling the truth.


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