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Graceland "Magic Numbers" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Yes, finally, I feel like they are starting to get back to normal. Well, normal for them in the house. It doesn't feel too intense. They still aren't totally respecting Mike, but they are slowly warming up to him as being the boss. Let's just hope they aren't mad at him if they never find anything on this bus line he's researching.

I really hope it doesn't come to that, but I'm starting to loose faith. Especially since everything he's come up against, seems to turn out to be a dead end. Either he's on the right track and the bad guys are just really good at covering their tracks or he's not on the right track and he'll get in trouble for spending all this time on the case.

He's already getting in trouble and trying his hardest to find some sort of evidence. Which is probably why Mike freaked out on the bus they went into find the drugs in the bus, but didn't come up with anything. However, hitting the bus after he didn't come up with anything, could have been some sort of clue. What happened to the damaged bus the next day? Is the manager switching out panels or switching bus numbers and where is the supposed drugs? Could they be in the barrels that Jakes has to move? 

I still don't like the fact that Paul is letting Charlie beat herself up over the lady losing her husband thing. But it was pretty awesome seeing them work together to try to get the lady her money. All to find out that the lady didn't totally want the money. She was still holding out on hope that her husband was still alive and that's why the FBI hadn't closed their investigation. Paul didn't have the heart to tell Charlie that. Which I guess is a good thing, since Charlie would have felt bad, yet again, that they (or she'd blame herself) did the wrong thing on going way out of their way to get the money. Hopefully, Charlie can now put this behind her and focus on her current jobs. But Paul doesn't seem to want to admit to what he's done yet. The longer you wait to tell the truth, the harder it is.

Johnny and the whole thing with that creepy guy has gotten really weird. What does that have to do with the whole case again? I forgot. But Johnny doesn't seemed thrilled that he's gotten himself into this situation and I really hope that Johnny can catch this guy soon. He seems like a real creep. I do like the fact that Johnny seems to have gotten back to himself. But he still doesn't seem to fully like Mike yet. Like I said, though, it seems like they are slowly but surely warming up to Mike and I hope before long, they are friends again. 

What happened to the fun nicknames they had? Could they not be using them because of the fallout of last season with them not all trusting each other or is that something that they decided to not use again? I thought the nicknames were clever and it made them feel like they were part of something. Of course, I could have just answered my own question on why they aren't using them. The other thing I kind of, sort of, miss is the whole Paul being this big time drug dealer. What happened to that? Did Paul decide to quit since he killed a cop or is that something they are saving for later? I feel like this show is just slowly getting back to what I loved about it in the first season. So, let's hope it stays this way and gets better from here.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!