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Hollywood Lost A Funny Man Today....

This will be a sad post to end the day on. When I found out the news, I wasn't sure if it was true, but once I saw that Entertainment Weekly posted the news, I knew it was true. Sadly it is. 

Robin Williams has passed away at age 63 today. I am definitely saddened by this. He wasn't one of my "Oh, Robin Williams is in that? I've gotta see it" type of actors, but I had those few movies that I loved of his. Hey, I even watched "RV" when I had a very sad day knowing that it would cheer me up, even though I've watched it a bunch of times already. Aladdin is my favorite Disney cartoon and even if he plays a bad guy (i.e. August Rush), he's still interesting and fun to watch.

We will be able to enjoy Robin Williams in 4 more movies coming out soon. Night At The Museum 3 is the one I'm most looking forward to seeing, which will come out Dec. 19th.

So, Robin Williams, you will be greatly missed by so many people, including me.  Because hey, who wasn't looking forward to Mrs. Doubtfire 2? RIP Robin. :(