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Pretty Little Liars "A Dark Ali" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Man, I wish I could have reached through the screen to slap Alison across the face after what we truly found out she was doing! Ok, that's a little harsh, but I was very upset when we found out that this whole time, Alison was really working with Cyrus and the way that Alison played it off how they met (the kidnapping and the "he only wanted me for my money" thing) was all a lie! However, I would love to know how they really met. I think the him giving her the scar is true, but not how she said it. And to have her play that whole story out for Emily who has done nothing but stand up for Alison, was just horrible! Anyways, how Cyrus and Alison actually met is still a mystery, but one I'm sure will come to light soon. However they did meet, sounds pretty interesting.

I am very impressed with how Emily has grown. Especially this season. She started out as this shy girl who didn't know what she wanted or how to go about getting what she wanted to this brave girl who stands up to the person that was probably her first love. Could you imagine how hard it must have been for Emily to confront Alison after they found out about the whole Cyrus thing? But go Emily for finally cutting the cord with Alison and it seems like the rest of the girls are ready to do it.

Well, except for Aria. She's really afraid that when the cops find out that she's the one who killed Shana, that she'll get sent to jail. But she has all her friends, plus someone who got shot saving them (Ezra) to back up her "Shana was bad" theory. But yay for the girls to finally cut the cord with Alison before she drags them down even more!

Hanna was the first one to really do this. She wants to have a normal life and not get bothered by Alison or -A. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't one of the girls already try this in a previous season? I'm thinking Spencer tried to do that too or am I wrong? Anyways, I do like the fact that Hanna is trying to do it, but she can't. Not until it's all solved. Mona and Hanna are working together again! Sort of. It was nice for once to see them working with each other instead of against each other. But I'm not totally trusting Mona. Maybe the whole thing where she seemed normal at first and then tried to kill Spencer, has me distrusting her. 

Is Aria having second thoughts about giving Ezra a second chance? All because of what Ella was telling her. That when Ella said to give someone a second chance, she was speaking of experience with Zack and that turned out horribly wrong. But I think Ezra can be trusted and he's really trying hard. It's not his fault he just randomly saw Alison. Ok, it is his fault that he went up to her, but he did try, he's just trying to protect the girl he loves. I actually like him again. Maybe I never stopped liking him and that's why I thought he made such a great bad guy. But I totally think Ezra learned his lesson the first time around about lying, that he won't do it again.

So yeah, at the end, the girls finally all decided to cut things with Alison. Go to the police with the evidence they have, but I have a funny feeling this is all part of -A's plan or -A is one step ahead of them because -A always is. It looks like Melissa is finally able to tell Spencer the truth, but through a tape (let me guess, is she gonna leave again?) and -A is seen watching a dog show and folding an apron.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!