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Pretty Little Liars "March Of Crimes" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What was -A's reasoning behind ending the engagement with Ella and Zack? Not that -A needed to help the situation much anyways, seeing as we learned, sadly, that Zack has done this before. Ella just played it off as pre-wedding jitters. However, because of that realization, it made Aria realize what a horrible friend she was towards Hanna and they finally made up! I'm just sad it had to be at the cost of Ella ending things with Zack. But -A is the one that made the situation worse. Sending Zack a note that was supposed to look like Hanna had written and that's why Zack gave Hanna his phone number.

The talk that Spencer had with Caleb or what she tried to have with Caleb without making it too personal or asking too many questions, looks like it somewhat helped. It looked like Caleb realized what he and Hanna have actually been doing and perhaps, he's going to try to turn things around. Maybe Spencer freaking out at him, was the wake up call he needed. To stop dwelling about whatever happened in Ravenswood and focus on what's happening in the present with his girlfriend. And finally! Spencer is the one who's brave enough to point out what I've been thinking all along. That maybe Caleb and Hanna aren't right for each other. At least, not right now. Not until they figure out what is going on with both of them.

A couple surprise guests are back. Ones I didn't know where coming back. The moment with Byron and Ella was so sweet and unexpected because I didn't know he was coming back. Just in time, too. Could things start to mend between them after him trying to comfort Ella on her ending of the marriage? Also, Noel is back and being creepier then ever! Part of me, wonders who Noel really is working for. It sounded like he was just working for Alison, but isn't at the same time. He's the one that was listening to Alison's kidnapping story over and over again. Could that be a hint on who -A was at the end? Noel maybe? Anyways, what a creepy way to sneak up on Spencer! Why not just hide out in the car or somewhere and wait for Spencer to come out? No wonder she was scared to death when he came out from under the blanket and chair. I would have been too. There's just something about him, that I'm not trusting. But he said he has the tapes in case he needs it as leverage. He doesn't trust Alison one bit. So why is he working for her?

Spencer also gets a nasty little surprise while waiting to see the doctor at the eye place. First, she thinks she's seeing things when Jenna and Sydney both walk in wearing almost the exact same thing, which I don't think was on purpose and I don't believe it was on purpose that they just happened to be there right when Spencer was. However, I'm not sure if they were the ones who wrote the creepy, yet kind of lame way to send an -A message on the eye chart. Spencer freaks out and calls Emily, who's trying to look in Noel's car without getting caught. When Emily learned of Sydney and Jenna being friends, I think Emily totally overreacted. Sydney truly looked scared when she went to try to talk to Emily about it. Of course, that could have all been an act. But hello, Jenna does seem to have stuff over people to get them to do what she wants. Remember what she did to Toby? I wouldn't be surprised if Sydney was being forced to do stuff as well. Oh, Emily accepted the job at the school! But she didn't look too happy. I hope -A doesn't mess this up for Emily.

 Finally, Hanna's mom finds out that Hanna has been drinking! It kind of bugs me that it took her mom to find out so late. She knew something was wrong with her daughter, but why did she never talk to her? I think it was because of that and because of the stuff that happened with Zack, that we later see Hanna pouring the drinks down the drain. Is this a good sign that both Caleb and Hanna will stop?! Oh please say yes! Caleb finally won back some of my liking for him when he stood up to Zack. Even though it didn't fix the situation and it might get worse because of what happened, but it was just kind of awesome seeing Caleb hit Zack because of what he had been doing!

The only person who was kind of unimportant in this episode until the very end, was Alison. She didn't really have much of a story in this one. Which wasn't a bad thing. It was nice to focus on the other girls for a little bit. Alison was apart of it, just not like she has been. But now she becomes a major factor at the end. When Tanner calls Mrs. Marin to ask to bring Alison down to the station because they have supposedly caught whoever kidnapped Alison. Alison looked surprised and worried all at the same time. It almost looked like she was wondering what was going on. I was wondering if this was one of Alison's schemes, or is a play by -A? Because some scary looking dude is the one they arrested. Never seen him before, don't know his name or anything, but he knows the story word for word. At first, I thought they were gonna reveal Noel at the other end, since he was seen listening to the tapes. Ali looked shocked to see who it was. Does she know him? Or was that a look of terror in Ali's eyes?

-A is seen at the eye doctor. Listening to the recordings of -A. But the way they moved their hands, it totally looked like a girl this time. Sometimes, it doesn't look like a girl, but this time it did. Could it be Melissa?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!