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Pretty Little Liars "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Other then the fact that I was completely creeped out by Caleb finally telling Hanna what really happened while in Ravenswood, it was a pretty awesome episode. I mean, who wasn't creeped out by that whole story? To make it even worse, he has to bring in play the Ouja board! I mean, come on, it was creepy enough already. Didn't need that to add to the story to make it worse. Also, I'm thinking and maybe it's me trying to make it less scary, that Miranda is the one that moved the piece on the board to point to goodbye? Would make sense, since we see Caleb soundly sleeping. Another thing to make it even creeper, was the fact that fireflies were outside of the cabin. And correct me if I'm wrong, but who we saw looking into the cabin, it didn't look to be like an actual person. I wonder if Miranda was watching? The image, well, camera, seemed to float away rather then walk away. Sure, we heard footsteps, but how it moved backwards was just odd and not really human like.

Ok, enough about the creepy stuff. I'm getting creeped out all over again just by typing this out. So, let's move on. Not a total surprise with what Melissa revealed on the tell all DVD. I was suspecting that from the beginning and I think Melissa going back to London was mostly her idea and not wanting to face jail time for accidently killing a girl. Why would Melissa think that Spencer would even consider killing Alison? If she really knew her sister, she should have known that Spencer would never do something like that. Of course, Melissa could have known about the sleep pills and thought Spencer was just in another one of her haze things or whatever it is. 

Before we even got to the real part of Caleb's problems, how awesome was it to have a double date with Haleb and Spoby? It's about time is what I say. It was cute to have the girls kind of a happy moment for a change. Well, before Caleb realized what was going on. Go Toby for trying to help the situation too! Even though it didn't do too much, but it looked like it finally made a dent on Haleb and hopefully they are on the mending path.

Emily's slip of the tongue was pretty awesome and coming from her made it even better. Even though I don't believe Alison is -A, why would she torment herself in the flashback Halloween episode? Still, it could be a possibility. Alison may not be the head -A, but she could be working for them. Or not. Just theories I'm spitting out here. How awesome was it for Emily to think to go to Ezra for help all to try to get answers? And the fact that she's realizing she was trying to protect the old Ali and had feelings for the old Ali when in fact Emily still has feelings for Paige, but it looks like Paige has moved on.

The only person that had a somewhat normal time in the show, which was nice for a change, was Aria and her family. They even had a somewhat of a family hang out watching an old movie. That situation was just doomed. I knew either Aria wasn't gonna make it or something horrible would happen at it. Well, it wasn't horrible just situations made it even more awkward. First, instead of her mom being there, Mona was with Mike. I think Mona truly likes Mike, but for some reason, I wonder if she has some sort of back up plan with that. Then there was Paige walking in with another girl. Will Aria decide to tell Emily what she saw? I mean, Emily knows already that Paige was going somewhere that night, but other then that, Emily is kind of in the dark. 

Oh, the big "let's tell the police" thing totally backfired. Who didn't see this coming, right? If they did, there wouldn't be much else of a story line for the rest of the season or a cliffhanger which looks like it's gonna be major. Anyways, -A was already one step ahead of them (didn't I already say they were in my last review? :) ) and had a plan and trap to make them realize that they can't actually go through with the plan.

What's up with Tanner? But go Byron for saying those things about not having parents present when talking to the girls, etc. Doesn't she know what happened to the last police officer? He didn't exactly go by the rules, either. What's her angle? Is she to be trusted? Well, I mean, not trusted, but yeah. Is she really saying that a girl wants to come forward to talk or was that just a trick to try to get one to come forward? The only one that popped into my head was Ali, just like the rest of the girls thought, too.

Didn't see -A tonight doing something weird. All we saw was something outside of Caleb's cabin. Like I said above, I still believe it could have been Miranda because of how the body moved away. The last times we've seen -A, they've moved away fast or ducked or something, they didn't just walk away slowly (I think that was them floating away). Ok, sorry to end on a creepy note. What'd you guys think of the episode?