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Pretty Little Liars "Scream For Me" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I thought I would love having Alison be back. Have the show get back to somewhat of a normal way for the girls for once and I totally thought she had changed. But boy was I wrong. Ok, she has gotten nicer, that she has changed. I think she realized what she had done all her life and didn't like that part of her and maybe being away, she noticed that. Who knows, but the part that hasn't changed, is the lying. She's going so far just to keep her "being kidnapped" story alive for the police. Anybody else bugged by the questions from Tanner? Almost seems like she knows more then she's asking. Also, the more we see of Alison and the lying, the more I'm getting annoyed with her. She seems like she truly hates lying. I mean, she's seen crying almost every time she has to lie. But she doesn't do anything to fix it. 

Ok, I don't want to sound mean about Alison, but surely I'm not the only one who feels this way? I mean, to have Noel break into the Marin's house only to play up the story more for Hanna's mom was just too out there. I'm surprised she even told the girls and that they seemed ok with it. Aria's words of "you have always been the problem" to Hanna I think were misdirected and should have been aimed at Alison. Or did they forget that all of this started because of Alison? 

So far, the only thing I'm not agreeing with the whole Hanna's true identity search is the drinking. That could go away, but Hanna doesn't know how to deal with this and she literally has no one to turn to. Her friends aren't much help. Though Aria seems to be the one that has the hardest time with Hanna. Spencer and Emily seem to want to help, but I believe they are going about it all wrong. Her mom has noticed something is up, but it doesn't seem like she's talked to her daughter to find out what it is or maybe she has and Hanna just refuses to talk. When I first heard Caleb was coming back to Rosewood, I was thinking "Yay, Haleb is back on!". Even though they were never my favorite couple, I was still liking them together. They were perfect for each other. However, now they don't work together well anymore. Caleb needs to figure out his life, but he's kind of dragging Hanna down with him. Instead of trying to help her, he's just encouraging the drinking. Well, maybe not encouraging it, but he's certainly not stopping it. They just kind of don't want to be depressed alone, so they are depressed together. 

However, Toby scored major points with me! How sweet of him and awesome of him to finally want to try and put a stop to this or at least get some answers the right way, by becoming a cop! Officer Toby has a nice ring to it and he'd make an awesome cop. I do believe Spencer completely overreacted when she learned the news. She thought he was joking! But why shouldn't someone try to take a stand against -A? Of course, they could wind up like Hanna and have a broken leg or worse, like Ian. But still, it was pretty awesome that he's willing to do that all to protect the people he loves. And Spencer does eventually come around to the idea.

Who knew Emily was afraid of horses? Aria finds out that Mrs. Dilaurentis took Bethany to some stable somewhere and Spencer and Emily track that down and have a scary encounter with -A who traps them inside the barn with freaked out horses during a crazy thunderstorm. Emily could barely move, let alone talk, around the horses when they were freaking out. But of course, horses are scary and especially when they are freaking out and are out of control and could at any minute, break out and stomp on you. Spencer, quick on her feet, thinks to do a leverage. With the horse kicking at his stall, Spencer put a ladder inbetween them and the door and down goes the door and they escape just in time. But not before Spencer gets something stuck into her eye because of the door splitting. And they found a nice little clue. Melissa's riding helmet! Did -A plant that there or what?

For once, I thought Ella could have some sort of happiness in all this, but sadly, that doesn't seem like it's going to happen. Zack doesn't seem to be the devoted boyfriend/fiance as everyone thinks he is. Is this something Zack normally does or is this just because he found Hanna attractive? Yep, he hit on Hanna after she was trying to settle down from being drunk! And then did it again. Went so far as getting into her car by herself and giving him his phone number! Hanna tries to tell Aria, but Aria doesn't want to hear it at all. Says Hanna is always the problem, blah blah blah. I felt terrible for Hanna. I just wanted to give her a big hug and say everything was gonna be ok. But towards the end, does Aria wonder if Hanna's comment about Zack is true? I found it weird that Zack sat next to Aria on the couch and not his soon to be wife. Of course, Aria is his soon to be daughter. I'm just hoping that somehow this comes to light. Even if it's by the help of -A, Ella deserves to know. I could understand Aria not wanting to believe it, but not even thinking it could be possible is what gets me. I was just shocked that Zack was gonna turn out like this. I really liked him. Of course, Zack and Hanna are probably closer in age then Ella. 

Eddit quit and I thought for sure Aria was gonna get fired from her volunteer work after her bribing Rhonda backfired all because Rhonda failed to mention she needed sugar free snacks, not normal snacks. Not totally Aria's fault, but yeah. Why did Eddie quit all of the sudden? Is it because of Aria there and what happened or did something else happen that we have yet to know about?

Oh, almost forgot to mention the mystery of Sydney. Why is she pushing the whole "Oh, you guys were in New York" story? After Emily tried her best at playing it off as "sometimes Hanna makes stuff up when she's drunk"? If Sydney isn't careful, the girls are gonna start to realize who Sydney is really working for. Is the assistant coach on the swim team really a thing or a set up by -A? Something else Sydney was insisting on, too, that Emily do it. Just odd, all around if you ask me. Also, who knew the girls could sing and why was it just now that we found that out? Talk about a creepy way to send a message from -A. I didn't get a good look at who was in the class to see who could have written it. Also, -A is seen I believe it looked like Spencer's house? Touching the helmet, etc. Creepy!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!