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Pretty Little Liars "Taking This One To The Grave" (Summer Finale) Episode Review

*MAJOR SPOILERS - don't read if you don't wanna know who dies!*

Once I heard the words "Fatal Finale", I was already getting nervous. Then I heard that a very important character died and that it was a game changing episode and that made me even more nervous. But I've also learned with this show to not get too nervous, because you never know who's gonna die. Someone is always bound to die in a season finale. Mainly, it's been someone you don't see very much or haven't seen at all. But this time, they weren't kidding when they said it was a game changing episode.

The episode first starts out on "Thanksgiving Day" and I knew right in the first scene that it was going to go back a few hours and it did. I can always tell those type of episodes. Mainly because I had no clue what had just happened. All I knew is that someone had died a brutal death. And yes, it went back 36 hours to be exact. 

The first person we see, which is unusual already, since we normally start off with one of the 5 girls, is Mona and we meet Mona's mom! But man, Mona's room gives me the creeps. With all those dolls and what was that music she was playing? I wouldn't have pictured Mona being into that kind of stuff, but then again, the Mona we all knew from the very beginning was probably not the real Mona at all. Mona's mom is so sweet, too!

Thanksgiving preparations are going on. Everywhere, but Emily's house. They are getting ready for Christmas there. I've gotta say, it's cute that they are putting in the different holidays instead of just Halloween. Not that I mind the Halloween episodes, but man, when they want to creep me out, they sure can with those ones. Well, I guess they can creep me out anytime, but they can be really scary with those ones. However, the Thanksgiving episode did involve some creepy twins. They keep hinting to twins! Sheesh, who has a twin? I know it's not Ali, but who?!

Even though Mona losses her big army since Ali has turned the school against her again, it seems like she might have found a smaller army but one that's stronger and probably better since they are closer to the source. Yep, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily bond forces with Mona to try to figure out what Ali said in her polygraph and why she even got one in the first place. They think that Ali is doing this all for a game since her friends have cut her loose. Either that or she's a total psycho now and believes her whole lie. But either one wouldn't surprise me. It was cute seeing them all team up together to try to get the tape and figure out what was said. All to find out that Ali is complete jerk and frames Spencer for Bethany's death! Spencer, in the end, ends up getting arrested (have no clue what happens to her, either, she's part of the cliffhanger). But I don't believe for a minute that Ali is -A.

I knew the minute Toby mentioned his graduation, that something was bound to happen to that event. Those kind of events don't go off with a happy ending in a town like Rosewood. What I didn't know is that Toby is the one that wouldn't make it. Of course, Spencer was running late as well and if she was in the car, who knew what would have happened. But his awesome truck is probably totally ruined. It was a sigh of relief when I learned that Toby was not the one who died, but that he just broke his leg. Of course, that's still bad, but at least my favorite guy on the show did not die!

I really wish Thanksgiving day would have happened. It would have been nice for Ezra to be with Aria and her family and I wanted to see how that went. Yes, her family invited him! But sadly, it looks like it'll get interrupted because of the tragedy that struck just hours before the big dinner. 

The minute Mona's mom left, I knew something was gonna happen to her. Confession time, though, I accidentally saw a spoiler and knew it was her already, but all signs kind of pointed to her. In a way, her story was already ending from the moment we saw her. The fact that the episode started out with her, seeing her house (which we've never seen before), seeing her mom (who we never saw before) and the fact that she officially apologized to her friends, should have been a give away and I probably would have picked that up had I not known before hand. However, I don't believe Ali is the one who killed Mona. I think if that was the case, we would have seen Ali's face. Either it was someone who they wanted us to think was Ali (since all we saw was blonde hair) or it was Cece. I don't know why, but she keeps popping up in my head. Maybe because Mona's face looked really scared and surprised as well. Sure, she looked scared because I think she knew what was coming, but I think she didn't know who was gonna be there. When we've known who -A was before, they've showed us when something like this happened and the fact that we didn't here, makes me wonder if someone is framing Ali. I don't believe that Ali is innocent in all this because, come on, that smirk at the end when Ali was watching the whole scene from afar, was just like a proud moment for her. So, I think she had a her hand in it, but hey, Ali was never one to get blood on her hands.

-A is seeing at Emily's Nativity set up. Who then takes baby Jesus, replaces it with a Mona doll and gives baby Jesus to Mona's corpse in the trunk of the car. 

Did you love or hate the Fatal Finale? What was your reaction finding out who died? Discuss away in the comments below!