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The Mentalist "Blue Birds" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So, this whole episode with the cold case and the murderer coming back, was all one big con of Patrick's to get Theresa to this beautiful hotel and I think his plan all along was going to sweep her off her feet. It would have worked too, if he didn't miss one little detail. How he could not have remembered to ask the lady to not say anything about when he actually booked the hotel, I don't know, but still, it was a pretty awesome plan if it would have worked.

Yes, the whole letter was fake that the FBI got. And Patrick sent all of them down there, got the family all worked up over nothing. Well, not all of it was bad. They finally did catch the real killer after all this time, but still. If I was Theresa, I would have been pretty mad, too.

Not only did it stop her from leaving so soon, it also got Patrick some time to try to subtly change her mind. The little things he kept saying were pretty funny. 

Of course, the beginning was pretty awesome, too. When Patrick and Cho were on a real case and when Patrick found out for sure that Theresa was leaving, he was pretty distracted. To the point where I thought he wasn't even paying attention to the case they were dealing with. Little did I know that he actually was solving it in his head the whole what, 5 minutes they were there? It was pretty awesome and I never get tired of watching him figure that stuff out. I think everybody was shocked that he was actually paying attention the whole time.

I thought for sure that Abbott and Cho knew about the case being fake and were just there to throw Theresa off, but Abbott actually didn't know! He wasn't too pleased to learn that the letter wasn't real. Cho didn't seem surprised, though. What surprised Cho, though, is the fact that Theresa and Patrick indeed have feelings for each other. How he missed those signs all those years, I have no clue.

It's not very often we see Theresa get all fancied up and that dress was beautiful. The way Patrick looked at her was just awesome and really confirmed what I'd been thinking all along. But then comes the big blow out. When Theresa learns this was all a big plan from Patrick and yells at him (he looked really hurt) and decides to leave right then and there and accept Pike's marriage proposal! After she did that, you could tell she thought that perhaps she shouldn't have done that, but yeah.

Not only is this going on, but the big trap for all the possible suspects happens, too. While everybody is a little bit drunk (except for the real bad guys uh I mean girls). Yes, it was the ladies best friend who ended up being the murderer. It was pretty funny when Patrick tried to text Abbott "SOS" and instead it put "SOZ". Go Cho for thinking it was SOS! 

Now comes the best part. It was pretty awesome that Abbott didn't even question Patrick much when he said "Theresa is at the airport, I need your car!". It's so cute how they were trying to help Patrick and Theresa figure things out. Patrick races to the airport only to find out he forgot his badge and can't get through! So, he jumps the fence! Once they realized what had happened, Patrick was in pretty big trouble. But before that, Patrick was able to say the best "I love you" speech ever and even brought tears to Theresa's eyes! Now I knew they kissed, but I didn't know Theresa missed her flight to get the kiss from Patrick. I heard this was in fact supposed to be the series finale, but they decided to renew it and we will get to see the happy couple actually be a couple now. In a way, I hope this show only lasts one more season and ends with the best wedding ever. If it lasts more seasons, the wedding won't happen soon and I want them to have a wedding! Even more so then when Wayne and Grace got married. This was by far my favorite season finale. Not much of a cliffhanger, but for a fan who's been wanting this to happen since episode 1, it was just awesome having it finally happen!

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!