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The Mentalist "II Tavolo Bianco" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The final three episodes of the season and they were pretty amazing. I had no clue what the story line was gonna be after pretty much the whole plot to the show was revealed this past season. I had my doubts, but I don't anymore. I basically ended up watching all three episodes over the past three days. Yes, I realize I'm behind, but I've been busy. 

This episode was pretty funny. That huge elaborate plot all to get the attention of a killer and be put on a hit list? Patrick goes way out there and I'm even surprised that the FBI let's him do this. Maybe they've realized his work and knows that most of the time, he's big plans reveals the true killer.

Theresa is pretty upset that she wasn't included in the plan this time. I am surprised that he didn't tell her what was going on. The only person that seemed to know was Abbott. Though I can see why Patrick didn't want to tell Theresa. Maybe he knows she can't act under pressure when she knows it isn't real. So the whole plan was for Patrick to get "arrested" for the Red John murder. All to get the attention of the lady who was gonna lead the case for Patrick and try to figure out who could have possibly let a killer go. 

No surprise to learn that it was the lady herself that was the one that got paid off to let the killer go. Ended up catching her and the bad guy after Patrick tried to get on his hit list. Pretty crazy of Patrick to want to get on one of those, huh? But that's just Patrick.

The big story line with the human trafficking is also going on and turns nasty, too. The reason why Daniella was separated from the group and had a heart drawn on her hand, was that she was gonna be part of a group where the girls got killed for their organs! Pretty disgusting right? I had no clue the case was gonna take that route.

It was so cute that Abbott and Kim are both trying to help Patrick and Theresa figure out their relationship. Loved it when Abbott sent them to the restaurant. I was thinking he was hoping it would turn into a date. I have a feeling that Theresa is starting to loose interest in Pike. Either that or she's just overly distracted. He's so patient in her taking her time on whether or not to move. It is a hard decision, but she's only holding out to see if Patrick will finally make a move. I can totally see why Patrick wouldn't want to get in a relationship again, but he shouldn't have to worry about that anymore. He's just scared and it would be really different. Patrick would have made a move if Pike wasn't there when he stopped by that night. So, he basically tells Theresa to do what makes her happy and that in turns makes her finally figure out what she wants to do. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!