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Gotham "Pilot" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, I've gotta be honest with you guys. I'm not totally sure if I loved this one. It could be because I'm not a huge Batman fan. But some of the stuff, I felt was a little silly and some of the scenes were really violent. It was fun, though and really interesting how they started it out exactly like the movie. I also gotta be honest, I never read the comics, only watched the movie. But I think I know enough about Batman to get the jest of stuff. 

Right off the bat, they made a major hint at who the bad guy is going to be. Either in the season finale or earlier if they don't want to wait that long. It's a surprise that it was this character, but not at the same time. The bad guy seems to be the Penguin. It looks like we will see how he becomes the Penguin, etc. But because of James not killing him like he was supposed to, it just helped with creating the character faster.

Ok, let's go back to the beginning to fill in what happened. So, James and Harvey (his partner) are on the case of Bruce's parents being shot and killed. To make a long story short, they thought they found the guy, Harvey had to kill him in self defense or else James would have been hurt, but in the end, it turned out that somebody on the force is bad and framed the guy. Not that the guy was totally innocent, but still. 

Either James' partner is bad or it's someone else or the whole team. Because James gets kidnapped for finding that out and Harvey knew exactly what happened. But to keep James safe, James must kill the Penguin since he was the snitch. He won't, thank goodness, but like I said, it made matters worse now. 

It was good, but I don't know. There was just something about it that I didn't like. I'll try a few more episodes (like I always do) to see if it is something I really like. So, I'll just wait to see what my final decision is on this show.