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Graceland "H-A-DOUBLE-P-Y" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, was pretty much my reaction after watching this episode. It wasn't wow in a good way. Well, it wasn't wow in a bad way either. I feel like this episode finally helped get the show back on track. To the point of me only watching it every few days or so because of the heavy plots in it. It was like that with the first season, though and that's what got me hooked. As long as the plots don't get too out there, I'll stick with this show.

Surprise! Jessica makes a surprise appearance at Graceland to warn Mike of his operation being shut down within the week and Mike tries hard to get some sort of clue. I am not so sure on his whole path right now. But like I've said before. Either he's on the right track and the bad guys are excellent on cleaning up their trail, or he is on the wrong track and is gonna get in trouble big time. Jessica being here, makes it quite awkward with Mike and Paige.

Speaking of which, Jakes. Poor Jakes. He has somewhat of a good time, which was nice for all the heavy stuff already going on, but it didn't last too long and ended up hurting something else in the long run. It was so cute that his son decided to find out who this guy was and traveled all the way to his house just to spend a day with his dad! I think Jakes would make a great dad, if his ex-wife would give him a second chance. But because of this, Jakes gets arrested while helping Paige figure out the trafficking and she has no clue what's going on, on the outside. Man, Mike is gonna be super upset when he finds out what happens. My thing though, is why didn't Jakes just tell the cops, "Hey, I'm working a case right now, can we wait a few minutes so I can go tell Paige what's going on?". I mean, how simple would that have been? Like seriously? But since he didn't, Paige is now pretending to be one of the girls (the girl sadly died while trying to cough up the stuff in her stomach - one of the most disgusting parts in the whole show, if you ask me) and has no clue that help won't be behind her in case she needs it.

From the beginning, I've always had a liking for Paige, but right now and after what she tried Mike to get done for her, her liking is hanging by a thread. Of course, I am hoping that she gets found safe and sound, but still. To try and almost black mail Mike into getting her help on her case with Jessica was just horrible. Thank goodness he didn't end up going through with it, but now Jessica knows that Mike likes Paige, but it seems like things with Paige have gotten a little rocky because he didn't go through with it.

It looks like things with Charlie and Paul have settled down, though. Thank goodness it seems like one story has solved. But another one just got bigger and having me feel really sorry for one of my favorite characters on the show. This is one of those things where I think "I can't believe you are letting him do this Mike!" thing. Johnny could have easily said no, but I wonder if he didn't feel like he had a choice. Johnny hates doing what he has to do. They find out Carlito is gay and has a thing for Johnny and Johnny agrees to go through with it all to figure out the whole thing with the drug bust. Which almost goes down, but then something happens and Carlito calls off the plan. The drugs supposedly blow up, but we don't know if they did for sure. All of Mike's hard work, for nothing. Washington is not gonna be happy about this. Is Mike gonna be able to get more time for the case or was this the last straw?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!