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Graceland "The Unlucky One" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Mike isn't ready to settle on his win for the drug bust. So to do this, he kidnaps Lawrence to get more info out of the whole bus ring. Finally, Mike learns that he was for sure on the right track with the buses. The guy doesn't know too much about the girls Paige was looking into, but Mike doesn't know at this point, that Paige has become one of them.

Once he does, it becomes a scary sight when interrogating the guy. Mike gets Paul involved because he knows Paul will go to bigger lengths to get the truth out of someone and he does. I couldn't believe that Paul did such a thing. This poor guy has been sober for how long, 6 years or so? To get tortured over that way was just horrible. Mike hated watching that and later we learned Paul hated doing it, but it helped get info on where Paige was.

During all this, Paige realizes that her back up is not coming. So, she plans to break out with one of the girls on the inside. I thought for sure that it was either gonna end with her not being in the pick the next day for Mike or worse. But I was shocked to see her there the next day. Also, it was kind of easy for them to get out. Well, up until the bad guys realized they had some girls missing. Boy, was Paige shocked to see Mike the one judging which girl he was gonna buy. She could hardly contain her excitement. It was made easier, though, when Mike wouldn't change his mind and go with Paige's friend instead to get her out. Mike wants to keep it going because he believes this is on the right track to do the drug bust! She was so mad at him.

Jakes feels terrible about what happened to Paige. He was one of the last ones to give her a welcome home. At first, I thought he wasn't going to, but he eventually did. They both had a cry fest at the end. Not saying that in a bad way, either, I think they both needed that.

Also, it looks like Mike and Jessica are done since she went back to DC and he didn't want to until he finishes all the stuff with the case, since he doesn't believe it's all done. I'm not sure, though, if him and Paige will make up or not. I guess it depends on how the whole plan on getting the girls out will go down.

Thank goodness we took a breather from the whole thing with Johnny and his case. I still feel bad for him, but still, it's nice to take a break from. Though I have a feeling it's not done with. Mike believes he found the cop that could have been the mole, but I don't think he is. I think it's someone that's closer and Mike doesn't want to look into that. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!