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Hawaii Five-0 "A'ohe Kahi E Pe'e Ai (Nowhere to Hide)" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The minute the episode started, I forgot how much I loved seeing Steve and Danny work together and their amazing banter which is kicked up a notch when they are forced to do a mandatory counseling. Sure, they talked about stuff that we already knew bugged them, but it was still fun to watch them banter back and forth with not having seen it for a full summer. All the awesome flashbacks of when they all first met was a nice touch and then Steve realized that his team are all a family and for once Danny agreed with him.

However, that's not the scene we opened up to in the beginning. I'm sure I was thinking what everybody else was thinking "Where is everybody?". Because all of Hawaii was empty and kind of creepy. But then it went back 7 hours like I had a feeling it would and filled us in on what happened.

Someone stole a drone and put firearm on it and sent it out every few hours and went on a killing spree. So, thus, they wanted everybody to stay in doors. Now we have the empty, creepy feeling explained, but what's really going on?

Well, there was a plan behind the plan for the bad guys and it was one I didn't see coming. There was a bad guy on the island that they were in fact trying to get out. The whole drone thing was a distraction and Steve finally realized that towards the end and just in time too. The bad guys landed a plane on the streets to get the bad guy out! That's why they wanted the streets empty. To land the plane there without getting in trouble from the airport. Kind of crazy, but it was still cool.

It was nice to have a little screen time for everybody. Everything wrapped up nicely at the end or did it? Sure, they caught the bad guys, but they needed to spice it up a bit and spice up the season a bit too, since they didn't have a big cliffhanger or story line to follow off of. So, the tiny little cliffhangers they throw us with. Who's following Chin and what does this guy that Chin visited in jail have to do with it? Will Adam and Kono get married? Yes, I believe they should and probably will, Kono just has to realize that they will never be safe unless she stops being a cop. And the big kicker. Who's this big bad guy that visited Danny? Thank goodness Grace was not home from school yet when he was there, but I feel like he didn't want that. But whatever it is, it has to do with Danny's brother. I'm sure we were all thinking this, even Danny "What did his brother get into now?!". Whatever it is, he seems to have gotten Danny involved as well.