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NCIS "Twenty Kicks" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Since the show didn't really have a thrilling season finale (not that I didn't mind the beautiful tribute to Ralph White), I was hoping that the season premiere would begin with a bang and it did just that!

Not only do we learn who the new bad guy is, but he's not just any bad guy. He's after someone on the NCIS team and it's Gibbs! I first thought he was coming after Ellie, which would have been an interesting angle, but it was Gibbs he is after. If I was him, I would never go after Gibbs. Gibbs would be scary to go after. Especially since that guy sure can hold a grudge and will hunt you down until he gets justice.

Kevin, a computer nerd agent, is stuck in Russia claiming that he's being followed. For a long while there, I was thinking Kevin was bad and it was all a trap. It was a trap, but Kevin was just bait to get Gibbs there. Totally forgot how much I loved the Tony/McGee friendship because of their "fighting" over who wanted to go with Gibbs. In the end, it ended up being McGee. But little did they know, it was going to end up as a fight for their life. 

Kevin never being in a helicopter before and probably will never go in one again, gets more then he bargained for when their helicopter gets shot down by a missile and now the bad guys who are supposed to be the rescue team, are coming after them. Kevin, McGee and Gibbs are the last remaining survivors. Let me tell you though, I almost balled my eyes out when the lady died and sheesh when she said she saw her dad right behind Gibbs, that made even more sad! However, I knew when she said that, she was gonna be gone. I was sure hoping she'd make it, though.

Loved that the season premiere had air time for everybody. Though I would have liked to have more time for Abby and Jimmy, but I always want that. It seems like to me that they've toned down Ellie a little bit. They didn't change her character, but she just seems to be adjusting better. Maybe it helps that they are all working better together, who knows? But I could just tell that she was getting better.

For a minute there, I was thinking something was gonna happen to Gibbs when he volunteered to stay behind to keep the bad guy busy while McGee and Kevin got away. Thank goodness it didn't. I have a feeling if they got rid of Gibbs, the whole show would be done. When Gibbs shot the bad guy, I was like "Yay!!!!", but what a shocker to learn that the bad guy actually didn't die! I wonder where Gibbs actually hit him then? Now Gibbs knows that this guy is coming after him again and they have no clue where he has ended up. I would never, ever, want to be on Gibbs' bad list. Gibbs was like furious that he didn't kill the guy the first time. Just imagine what will happen when they meet up again.

Did you love or hate the season premiere? Let me know in the comments below!