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Once Upon A Time "A Tale Of Two Sisters" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I am always amazed at how this show does their casting. Each time, they've done it spot on and the actor/actress is excellent. This time is just as amazing as the rest when they bring the beloved tale of "Frozen" to life on the mini screen.

Anna, played by Elizabeth Lail, totally reminded me of the cartoon version. So upbeat and cute and wanting to help out. But does her helping out might not end so well? I hope that's not the case, but that it fixes everything. Elsa, played by Georgina Haig, is amazing, too. The only thing that felt off, was Kristoff talking to the reindeer. Other then that, I enjoyed Kristoff too. Like I said, they were all spot on with their cartoon versions. 

When we were last in Storybrooke, Elsa was coming from somewhere for the first time. Now we see her full journey into town. Grumpy and Sleepy were the first ones to "meet" up with her. So glad that Grumpy and Sleepy didn't get hurt, like I thought they had, but they were able to warn the town before terrible things happen.

Right when Emma and Hook learn of the news, they find the trail of ice that Elsa left behind and follow it only to have Elsa get afraid and create a huge ice monster (just like the movie, totally awesome!). 

Not only is all of that going on, but Regina is trying to desperately figure out a way to get rid of Marian. I am so glad she doesn't seem to be fully going back to her old self and wants to find some tricky way to kill her and I thought that's what she was doing when she went to see the man in the mirror. But she first wanted to be sent back in time to get rid of her that way. Then she realized that she just wants to rewrite fate. That means they have to find who wrote the book! But rewriting fate is kind of like going back in time. Something is bound to change that Regina won't like and yeah, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Now let's talk about the awesome couples. Emma is ignoring Hook right now until she figures them out. She blames it on the fact of what she did to Regina, but I think it's because she doesn't know what their relationship is yet. However, they did kiss! Which was pretty awesome. I think it mainly has to do with Henry (Jared Gilmore sure has grown!). I don't think she knows how to break it to him what with all that has happened to him. He has been through a lot. He just got his memory back, his dad died and now the whole thing of what his mom (Regina) is gonna do. But I think Henry would be thrilled to learn that Hook is Emma's boyfriend. I mean, he was fine with Robin being Regina's new boyfriend. Ugh, Robin. Yes, I totally admire what he's doing and keeping his word now that Marian is back. But still, he loves Regina. I hope something good happens out of that, but not to where Marian has to die by Regina's hand in the real world. Then there's Rumple and Belle! Where we learn that Rumple is actually struggling with the lie he told Belle about the dagger. He "told" that to Neal. Man, that part was so sad. Him visiting his sons grave. Rumple did switch back the daggers so now Belle really does have the real one, but she doesn't know she never had the real one. But my favorite part had to be Belle and Rumple dancing in the ballroom! It was just beyond amazing and perfect and totally matched the movie. Well done writers of Once! 

So, the cliffhangers. Regina wants to change fate. Which like I said could be a good or a bad thing. And I'm assuming the house that Rumple and Belle were in once belonged to Merlin or still does. At least, that's who I thought of when I saw the hat at the end. I knew it was gonna be important. Mainly because Rumple stared at it and recognized it. Also, could Elsa know who Rumple is? She didn't look happy when she saw the newspaper article. But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. It seems like everybody knows who Rumple is somehow. 

Towards the end, I realized that this season with "Frozen" has happened after the movie. Nice twist there Once. I was hoping for that small sort of twist. If it was like the movie, it'd be boring. But there are still things that they've brought back from the movie. I.E. the giant ice monster. Because in the movie, Anna and Kristoff hadn't gotten married or even had a proposal and their parents hadn't gone off somewhere, either. Oh, forgot to say that Anna is heading to the Enchanted Forrest! So she is somewhere in Storybrooke now, I'm assuming and so are their parents. Will we see Kristoff in Storybrooke too or just flashbacks? I hope he's there too. I also hope that maybe they will decide to bring in the snowman. I mean, how can you not have that fun goofball? Maybe once Elsa freezes Storybrooke, it'll happen.