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Person Of Interest "Panopticon" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

In the season premiere, the team are trying to adjust to their new jobs and lives that the Machine randomly gave them. But according to Root, it wasn't so random and fit each personality. I get the other jobs, however, Harold totally hates his teaching job. Ok, maybe not hates it, but he sure doesn't enjoy it. John really wants back out saving people the way they used to. Shaw, don't get her job at all. I could never, ever picture Shaw at a makeup counter. Slowly, I started to realize that the Machine could have placed each team member there for a reason and though we may not know all the reasons yet, there was the major turning plot for Harold.

But I'll get to that in a minute. Don't know how long it's been since they all split up and went different directions, but it seems to be a while. Shaw is jealous if John being a cop, to say the least. They were able to meet up when they got a mysterious alert on their calendar. Hello, I knew it had to be the Machine. Who else would have done that? All their troubles seem to fade away when the glories phone rings. The smiles on their faces was just awesome.

Now to get Harold involved. John tried his hardest, but Harold is stubborn and doesn't want to do anything with a Machine that possibly wanted them to kill someone. That's not what he built it to do and according to him, he thinks more people have died because of all the lives he's saved. John's right, though. There could have been way more lives lost if they didn't save those few people, but Harold won't believe it.

So, it's Root to the rescue when John and Shaw get in over their head with their new number which is now involved in a kidnapping case. Ali, a shop owner, got into something bad with a group of thugs who ended up kidnapping his son to get the poor guy to do what they wanted. Root got Harold to finally help and he was a big help, too. In fact, because of all this, I think Harold found out a way that his team could work and not get tracked by Samaritan. That's not the big news I was referring to, though.

Not only did John get promoted to detective and became Fusco's partner (Carter's old desk, wow that was hard!), could the Machine have placed Harold at the school for a reason? Somehow the paper that the professor gave Harold had a clue in it and he followed it and found an empty room in a closed off basement. Yes, totally creepy, but I think they all found a new home.

Did you love or hate the premiere? Let me know in the comments below!