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Premiere Season Is Underway!

It's that time again. When our beloved shows return with fresh new seasons. Here is a list of ones that I'm excited about coming back and new shows I can't wait to see!

Person Of Interest (Returning Tuesday, September 23rd):

One of my highly anticipated returns. Not a big cliffhanger they left us with last season, but it's one of my favorite shows, so of course I'm excited to see it come back and see what happens with the characters with the new Machine up and running.

Castle (Returning Monday, September 29th):

One of the best cliffhangers of the season! Of course, I was upset like most fans, going why couldn't you have had the wedding first and then do the cliffhanger?! But they just had to do it this way and I think it's made me more excited for the new season. Who has Castle? I have a few theories, let's see if any of them are right.

NCIS: LA (Returning Monday (NEW NIGHT!), September 29th:

Another major cliffhanger. It's tied with Castle, it was that good. I don't have any doubt (though maybe I should with how shows are going lately) that the two main stars will get out fine, but how they will get out of their predicament, I have no clue. It makes me excited to watch, though.

Once Upon A Time (Returning Sunday, September 28th):

Once Is Frozen! Of course I'm excited to see what they do with this fairy tale addition. Will they spin it just like the movie or will they put their own little touch on it like they've done in the past? I hope that they put their own touch on it since if it was like the movie, it'd be too predictable and not exciting.

NCIS (Returning Tuesday, September 23rd):

Not one I'm totally looking forward to seeing, since last season wasn't all that great. But every show has a season where it isn't that great and then they usually come back with a bang. I'm hoping that this is one of them. The preview looks promising, though.

Agents Of Shield (Returning Tuesday, September 23rd):

Gotta be honest, wasn't too thrilled with the angle they threw at us in the cliffhanger, with Coulson possibly going crazy. But I am curious to see what they do in the season two, since I didn't think it was going to come back.

Hawaii Five-0 (Returning Friday, September 26th):

Another one that didn't have that big of a cliffhanger and one I'll still watch when it comes back, but I'm not sure what the story line will be. Of course, Wo Fat is back, so that could be interesting.

Scorpion (NEW SHOW!):

I caught that last little bit of it when my Mom was watching it and I couldn't pull away from it! Now I've just gotta watch the full episode of this show that already looks promising. Has CBS created another hit?

Gotham (NEW SHOW!):

I don't know much about it, but I'm assuming it has to do with Batman because of the title. I mean, how else could it not? I believe it's Batman the early years. Could it be possibly like Smallville but in Batman form? If so, that'd be fun. I loved Smallville, so who knows? 


Loved, loved, loved the two parter they had for NCIS. The cast was amazing and different, though I could already tell who was who from the original cast. They didn't act the same, really, but yeah. A different and exciting location. I have hopes for this new spin off of already one of my favorite shows. So glad they are finally doing more versions of this. 

So there you have it, the shows I'm looking forward to and not so much on returning, but I'm still being hopeful for them. Now, tell me what shows you are looking forward to, new or old!