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Scorpion "Pilot" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I didn't think much of watching any new shows this new season. But when my Mom was watching the last few minutes of this show, I realized I just had to find time to watch the full show so I'd know what was going on. Yes, it was that good. I think CBS has created another hit and hopefully it'll last a full season. Partly why I get nervous to watch a new show. You never know when a new show, if you fall in love with it, will get cancelled and won't continue. I've had that happen too many times before. But I just couldn't wait on this one.

So, even though I saw the ending of it and it wasn't quite as exciting watching the beginning, since I knew the outcome already, it was still fun to learn how they got there and to learn the type of team/friends Walter has.

Let's back up a bit though. Walter, the star of the show, is a genius and a brilliant hacker. In fact, how he wound up in all this mess was when he was a kid, he hacked into NSA, I believe and got arrested for it! 

When the head boss guy, Agent Gallo comes to recruit Walter and his team when a plane system has been hijacked, you can tell immediately that Walter can't stand this guy. Slowly, we find out why, but not the full story. Then Walter tells Paige (a waitress at the diner they are making their plans at) about what happened. When he was 16, Gallo hired him then to build something for them. Later, he learned that they used the same thing to bomb a place and he hated that. So, that solves why he doesn't trust Gallo at all. 

In the end, the whole plan works. Thanks to Paige. She's the one that helped out a lot at the end to restore the plane system. But it wasn't that easy. They had to do it, with the plane flying right on top of them in a car on the runway before they ran out of runway. That scene was super intense.

Let's not forget about Paige's little kid who seems to hopefully be a key point in the story. I also thought that perhaps there will later be a Walter/Paige romance because of how they were acting around each other. But Paige's son is like Walter and Paige wants to understand why her son does certain stuff and hopefully with Walter's help, she'll get to understand him.

I read that there are mixed reviews. But if the rest of the season is as exciting as the first episode and if they develop an interesting story line (let's hope they do, they should know by now that a show won't survive without one), then I'll stick to it. I enjoyed the pilot and the characters are nerdy and it's different. I'll give it a few episodes and see if it keeps it up. But then again, it could be like Agents of Shield where it didn't get really exciting until the end of the season. So, who knows what I'll decide. I just know right now, I'll be watching it to find out.