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Scorpion "Single Point of Failure" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

If the show keeps this up, I'm hooked. I was nervous to watch this episode because I hate episodes that have a virus break out and that's not at all what it turned out to be. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the story line this week, we also got to learn more about each character. Sure, it still focused on Walter and it should, since he's the star, but we still got to learn more about the team. Not quite about Paige yet, but maybe they will get there soon.

But out of all the team members so far of what we learned about them, I like Paige the most. Like I said, though, we didn't learn much of her background or anything yet and I hope we do too. Seems like she could have an interesting one. I just love how she knows how to handle these genius guys. I wonder if it has somewhat to do with her son, but even if it's just her herself, then that's awesome too. My favorite scene was when she had to help Sylvester escape the bio hazard lab because that was the only way out and as we learned in this episode, Sylvester can't stand any germs of any kind. 

There was a virus break out, but not like I thought it was going to be, thank goodness. This bad guy was too smart for that. Instead, he designed a virus that would only attack a certain kid. The first victim (none of them died) was the governor's daughter and that's why the team got involved and later learned that there were other kids infected too. That helped the case because then they were able to find out that the Governor knew the other two families that were involved because they worked at this drug place on a case that got shut down.

So yes, in the end, it ended up being a parent of one of the kids that was in the program that got shut down and his kid died and he wanted revenge. Walter, being the genius he is, found the cure on the laptop, but then learned that the Governor himself is in danger and again thanks to Walter, he saved the Governors life, too.

One of the other things we learned is that Gallo had a daughter who died of something. We don't know the details. Just that he could definitely relate to the bad guy. I wonder what happened to his daughter? So, Toby is having girlfriend problems. Well, I guess not anymore, since she called him back and basically told him to stay away from her and forget about her. Poor guy. Happy doesn't want any connection with people because of her dad giving her up for adoption and Walter has a sister who is very sick and feels the need to find a cure for her. 

It was so awesome when they got paid, that Sylvester ended up giving his money to the orphanage! His request was too cute. To have something fun and safe for the kids, but nothing for the science lab. Ugh, just made me like his character more. Not sure what the rest of the team did with their money, but Paige bought a telescope for Ralph. 

Ok, anybody else already shipping Walter/Paige? Each little "moment" they have, I already feel like there will be more of their relationship later on. I know it's early though and there could be nothing, but I'm hoping there might be something. Could there also become something of Happy and Toby? Or is that just way out there for that one? All in all, a great episode for only being it's second episode. I think there's another hit on CBS' hand.