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Suits "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I feel like Rachel is finally getting a story line! She had one at the beginning, when her and Mike started to like each other, but once that became a thing, I feel like her character didn't really get boring, but she didn't have much except for just being there with Mike.

But now she has one. Not much of one, but I feel like it will become major in the next few episodes and if not more important later on. It depends on how long the writers want to drag it out. But I have a feeling that with Rachel working with Logan is just bad all around. Yay for Rachel for telling Harvey about her and Logan even after Logan said he didn't want that to happen. I can see where he's coming from. He doesn't want anybody to think that he got this big business all because of his dad and he doesn't want anybody to think anything else. But Harvey had a right to know, however he reacted to it like it didn't matter. I was surprised at that, though. Unless he was just doing that to just do it and try to not make a big deal about it.

Hooray for Harvey for trying to somewhat make it less complicated, even though the two people he didn't want to meet or be together at all, were stubborn and again, disobeyed Harvey's suggestion (which they should listen to him by now, right?) and came anyway and what happened? Exactly what Harvey was afraid of. Sure, they said they were adults and said that they could handle being in the same room with each other, both having been in love with Rachel and currently in love with her, but that came into what they were talking about in the worst way possible.

Another situation that has a "bad idea" written all over it, was that I think Jessica thought it would be easy to hire Jeff and end things with them so they wouldn't have to juggle that. But I won't be surprised if Jeff is the one who quickly dismisses that idea and tries to do something with Jessica. Either hit on her or worse. And I have a bad feeling that Louis is the one that's gonna find out first and it'll just get worse from there.

Especially since Louis can't stand Jeff. I really believe that if Jeff hadn't been named senior partner, that he and Louis would work great together. They even proved it in the meeting with their client. Until Jeff pulled the "he's my client" card on Louis. I'm surprised that Jessica didn't come to Louis with thinking on asking him about the new position and I'm not even sure if Jeff is telling the truth on the fact that his company is gonna investigate them or if this was just an easy way to get made senior partner, but I felt horrible for Louis. He had a great plan and was probably gonna win Jessica over with what he had planned and now that that plan is done with and never even got to see the light of day, I have a feeling that Louis is not gonna try anytime soon for the position. But I hope that it drives him a little more to try to get that position away from Jeff. Not to do anything illegal, but with Louis, I wouldn't know. I just, for some reason, don't totally trust Jeff. 

Poor Mike. Here he's trying to do a big win for his boss, but it's blowing up in his face. It seems that his job is going a little better, but like I said before, I won't be surprised if Mike realizes that he misses his old job and wants to go back to it. I feel like, Jessica and Harvey don't like the fact that Mike is coming at them with everything he's trying to do. I just feel like they don't like the fact that Mike took the job and aren't respecting him as a new employee of somewhere else. He's also having a little bit of trouble at home. What with Rachel working with her ex and all. They try to set ground rules, but it doesn't seem to be working too well. I just have a funny feeling that all the stuff that's going on in the series right now, is gonna blow up in a big way. Possibly in the season finale. Who knows. But I just have a weird feeling it's going to be horrible.

Donna should have a raise or something. She totally holds the whole office down. She tries to fix things with Harvey and Mike and now with Louis. The Harvey and Mike thing will take a little longer to fix, but the thing with Louis got somewhat resolved because of Donna. Go Donna for going in and telling Jessica about Louis' plan to get named partner and go Jessica for listening to Donna and rearranging the office situations for Louis! Finally something good happens to Louis. He was so happy! He even hugged Jessica! Total surprise, but it was cute.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!