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Suits "Exposure" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Phew, finally, there seems to be some sort of peace happening on this show now that Mike is back home at his old job where he belongs. Not only is he back home, he finally gets his own office! It's not a big office, but it's an office none the less. However, it looks like he misses his old desk, just a little bit. I thought it was the perfect touch that it just so happened to be Harvey's old office. I mean, of course Harvey would give it to him, but it was still a nice touch to add. Though I would have liked to have seen what was in the drawer when Harvey proved that it was his office. Was it his old name plate or what? 

Jessica is not thrilled to say the least, that Mike is back and she's one of the last few to actually congratulate him (sort of) on his return. Donna, of course, was the first one to come and welcome him back. Looks like she might have forgiven him about the whole back stabbing of the tapes issue. The other person that has a hard time with this, is Rachel. She knew she would, but she goes about trying to make Mike feel welcome all wrong. What was with that whole basically flirting and pretending that she had to work with Mike situation about? Not only did it mess up things with Mike, but it might have messed up things with Donna too when Rachel threw Harvey and Donna's relationship back in Donna's face. Boy was she upset about that! I knew that Donna and Harvey had a relationship. What I didn't know is how far it went. It doesn't look like it's over, either. 

Louis is trying hard to cover up his illegal act. Not by framing Harvey, like Charlie suggested. But by trying to burry the evidence as far as he possibly can. Though Mike caught on that Louis must have done something illegal just by how he was acting whenever Mike brought up the whole case on getting the files. Mike decided to tell Harvey his suspicion who in turn, had a cow (no surprise there) and went to confront Louis, who was coming to confront Harvey (just missed each other!) and since Louis didn't see Harvey in his office, his next idea was to go to Jessica herself! Looks like he tells her. Not only does she have to worry about Mike's secret ever getting out, she also has to worry about Louis now, too. Poor lady.

I wonder, did Donna really have a date or did she just say that to see how Harvey would react? To me, he reacted a little bit jealous. Also, it didn't seem like she might have really had one, since the minute she found out that they were in big trouble, she blew it off pretty fast. Donna seems to be the one who would play the "date" card to see if she can get a rise out of someone. In a way, I hope that perhaps we can see a little bit of Donna and Harvey. I think they'd make a really cute couple. 

It doesn't look like it took long for Mike to realize how much he loved Rachel. Either he had to decide how angry he was or if he could just let it go and they could move on and get back together. The look in the end, might have said it all, that he decided and wants to try and make it work again. 

I wonder how all this Sean business is gonna finish? Is Louis going to get arrested if someone finds out what he did? Will Sean decide to back off or will Harvey and Mike come up with an even more awesome play that will win the case entirely and put this thing to a close? Guess I will find out soon enough, since there are only two episodes left in perhaps my favorite season so far.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!