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Suits "Gone" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Louis has been awesome this season. He's come a long way. From me hating him in season one to becoming one of my favorite characters now, is just awesome. It normally doesn't happen like that. Once I don't like a character, it kind of sticks, but they've totally changed his character around. He's not the mean grouch we saw in season one. I feel like Jessica is taking over that position now. I couldn't stand how she was treating Louis. But I guess a show like this always needs someone like that. If it isn't Louis, it's gonna be someone else.

I was shocked when Donna couldn't fix something! It seems like every time she comes to the rescue, it works, but not this time. Donna tried hard to go to bat for Louis and remind Jessica how awesome he really is and why he does the stuff he does (just to try to be treated the same as Harvey), but it totally backfired. To the point of if Donna didn't back off, she'd get fired, again.

Ok, the scene where they finally won the Sean thing was just epic! It was so sweet of Harvey (love seeing his softer side) to let Louis come with him and Mike to the last meeting with this guy and show Sean that it wasn't them he needed to worry about. Eric ended up being the true bad guy and they turned on each other. Not sure what happened between them, but it was still pretty awesome that Louis was apart of it. Even if it was his last case with the firm.

Louis knows something is up. He knows that he is getting fired, but he wants to hear from Donna that he isn't. So, she lies to him and feels terrible about it. But I think even then, he should have noticed something was up. He did and to make it easier on everybody, he put in his final notice right then and there. No one had to talk to him. He just walked out. It was so sad, especially with what he wrote in his letter. Louis will be back. Hello, he's one of the main stars, why couldn't he be back? I think the show and the firm would lose something if Louis wasn't there.

The whole mess with Rachel and Mike seems to not be over, either. Mike is prepping Rachel for questioning and brings up the whole Logan kiss. At first, it kind of fit into the questioning, then it took an ugly turn and that's when we realized that Mike still hasn't forgiven Rachel about the kiss. Will he ever? I guess only time will tell.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!