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Suits "Leveraged" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Why Mike, why? Mike is going at it again, but this time to Louis and he hits him hard trying to throw Louis off his game before they enter the court room. I can't believe Mike would do such a thing all to get the vote back on his side! I've said it before, I'll say it again, I really don't like this new Mike! Rachel was brave enough to point that out to Mike saying she thinks all he wants to do is win lately. 

The horrible thing he did to Louis to rattle him was to make it look like Sheila was going to get married to some hunky guy and Louis pointed this out to Harvey, who then yelled at Louis for having his feelings come between them and the case and Harvey rudely pointed out that it was a fake! Mike had copied a picture of a guy next to Sheila!

It won't be long before Mike has no friends at his old job. I hope that's not the way he wants it. But if he doesn't fix things soon or change his attitude, it'll end up that way and I think he'll regret it later on.

Not only has he ruined things with Louis and slowly doing the same thing with Harvey, it looks like the relationship with Donna has ended as well. But hey, I don't blame her. I wouldn't like it if someone betrayed me like Mike did, either. Still, this job is changing Mike and not for the better.

Mike should be a little worried about Rachel and Logan working together. Well, maybe not worried. I don't think Rachel would do anything, but with what happened after they spent the day together working, I have a feeling Logan will try to do something again. I knew them spending time together was gonna be bad, but I'm glad that Rachel stopped herself from kissing Logan. I'm not sure if he's totally changed like he said he has.

The whole thing with the SEC is horribly coming true. But thanks to all the things Harvey had Jeff do, it has stopped. However, that brought out a lie that Jeff had said that he didn't want to uncover. The fact is, he was getting fired from his old job! Something he failed to mention the first time around when asking for a job at Jessica's firm. But it was all because they wanted him to attack Jessica's firm and he wouldn't! You know, the relationship with Jessica and Jeff is interesting. Seeing as we've never seen this side of her before. But I can totally understand where she's coming from. I didn't know she was the only woman who led a firm in the whole city! That's huge! I can also understand why she doesn't want to keep something like that a secret. All secrets are bound to come out eventually. That one would probably be nasty, too. Seeing as some people already thought Jessica was Jeff's girlfriend (i.e. Shawn - who was a major jerk, btw). People might not respect her if she dated someone she worked with. But it looks like she finally let down her guard and is gonna try to make the thing with Jeff work. I don't think that's a smart move, but I'll just have to wait and watch and see what happens.

I believe Harvey hates having to do this with Mike. Mike hates having to be like this to other people, too, just to keep his job. But I have a feeling, one way or another, Mike won't have his job for long. Either he'll get fired because he can't get investors or he'll quit because of how he's having to treat people. Mike's apology's aren't that great. Saying you are sorry and then going the way Mike did, isn't the way to do it. It looks like Mike gets to keep his job for a little longer, though, but Harvey's warning didn't sound too reassuring. The guy Mike got for an investor always wants something in return and it didn't sound like a good thing. Great, what's this gonna mean?!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!