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Suits "Litt The Hell Up" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally, some sort of happiness for someone. Even if it is Louis who I can't normally stand, but I'm totally loving him in these past few episodes. Maybe because he's not being a jerk for once (everybody else is, though, I feel like) or just good stuff is finally happening to him and it's a nice relief from the rest of the show where it's just a major soap opera. Not that I'm bashing or anything because that's actually what is making me love this season so much. They needed a little spice again.

So yes, Louis gets to shine, even though it comes at a price for him. The whole praise at the end from Harvey (yes, Harvey, of all people!), was just totally awesome, but then we later see Louis about ready to cry in his office. Why? Because he has to do something illegal for the whole awesome plan he laid out to Harvey, to actually work.

You know that brief happiness and praise Mike had? Well, that's gone. All of it. Yep, he got fired at the end of the episode. Let me just say, I wasn't surprised and saw it coming. But still. It probably could have been resolved if Mike would have just been brave enough to tell his boss what the new investor was planning to do. But the new investor, even though he was being nice to Mike in front of him, was being a jerk behind him. Um...didn't Harvey warn Mike about that? Yes, yes, he did and Mike didn't listen, no surprise there.

To make matters worse for Mike, yes, sadly, it is. Rachel seems to be having second thoughts about her whole relationship with Mike just because of Logan. They even had a moment! Not a flashback moment, but a real one, which she regrets the minute it happens and wants to tell Mike, but Donna warned her to not. Don't know why, though. Either Mike is gonna learn from someone else (thought it was gonna be Logan in that horrible meeting that went down) or Rachel will take too long to tell Mike and that's worse yet.

Remember Louis from season one? Well, I do, seeing as I just watched those episodes and now realize how far his character has come. But that's beside the point. The point I'm trying to make is that I feel like Harvey is now becoming that Louis. If anybody ever said that to Harvey, I have a feeling they would be out of their job or worse. Ever since Mike left, Harvey changed and not for the better. Mike has changed, too, but I don't think he wanted to. Harvey was never one to really figure out his feelings, just ignore them and they will eventually go away, is how I got he tried to get around them. But because of that, I feel like that is affecting his attitude at work now and just anywhere in general. He's mad at everybody, a complement is really hard to come by (ok, it is Harvey, but still, I miss the old Harvey) and just all that. Everybody is kind of short with each other. I think they are all taking Mike leaving and him attacking the firm, hard. So, hopefully now that Mike is fired, things will get back to normal.

Anyways, not much else happens. Mike is packing up his office, but leaves his tombstone. Louis is miserable in his office because he doesn't want to tell Harvey about the horrible thing he has to do (would you blame him?). Yeah, pretty much it. From the looks of the next preview, I have a feeling it's going to get much worse, before it gets better. Maybe everybody has to hit rock bottom in order for them to realize what's going on and for them to fix it to get back to some what of a normal way for them. I hope they do, too.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!