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Suits "Pound Of Flesh" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Louis and Donna, the odd couple. Ok, they aren't a couple, but it's still odd that these two became friends. They actually bring the best out of each other. I just hope that Louis doesn't take this the wrong way and think Donna likes him as more then a friend. I don't think he would, but right now, I guess I wouldn't be surprised with what this show would throw at us.

Still, it's a nice refreshing break from all the drama that is going on to have some sort of happiness for Donna and Louis. Who knew Donna loved plays or to be in plays as a matter of fact? I love that we are getting to know her character more and more this season. Actually, in just these past episodes. I've always loved Donna and now they are making her character even more awesome.

Donna has stage fright, since she hasn't been on stage in such a long time and Louis encourages her to let go of that and told her of his stage fright too! In return, Donna arranges it so that Louis can get on stage and get over his stage fright! How she did it was too awesome. Making him think he was in a court room and he did amazing! Of course, I would have loved to have seen either of their actual parts in the play, but it was still pretty awesome.

I could tell from the beginning that something bad was gonna happen to Rachel, I guess I was hoping it would be more then just a fainting spell. I mean, like really? But this show was never one for anything too dramatic, so I guess that's understandable, but because of this, we do find something surprising that has supposedly been "haunting" Rachel. Either she didn't know until this happened or could this really be why she hasn't been sleeping well? We saw a supposed flashback of her and Logan on the night he proposed to her. She did in fact, reject him. He looked hurt. But here's the shocker. Logan turned into Mike when she said he would always be a fraud and she woke up with quite a start! Um...having second thoughts on the perfect guy are we? Never thought I'd see that happen. Ok, totally didn't mean that to sound sarcastic.

Finally, some what of a peace for just one second, happens between Harvey and Mike. When Mike learns of Rachel's hospital visit, Mike rushes down only to find Harvey waiting there as well. Harvey was actually guilty that he let Rachel get to that point and not give her a day off. She's juggling more then Mike ever did. I don't think it's fair that he's comparing her to Mike. To get Mike's mind off of the whole thing, Harvey cancels the meeting they were supposed to go to and goes to dinner instead. Which after a pleasant night (and a funny pic of Louis to lighten the mood), it was ruined by Shawn. Saying how Mike and Harvey are working together and ruins the chance Mike had at making things right with his business.

Also, Mike has somewhat good news, until it turns nasty later on, but I'll get to it in the next review. Anyways, the guy who Mike was getting the money from, who wanted to bench Mike's current boss, decided to give Mike the money anyways! He knew Mike's trick/plan all along with Harvey and decided to give it to him without doing anything in return! Yeah right, you know Harvey wouldn't warn Mike about a guy and have it not come true. 

Finally, one of favorite parts. Even if it was for just a split second at the end. How sweet of it for Harvey to bring Donna to her last night of the play and actually stay for it, too! Have not seen them do something together in a long time. I've been a Harvey/Donna fan from the beginning and yeah, they can't date because they work together, but still, one can only dream. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!