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Suits "This Is Rome" (Mid-Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I knew the minute the stupid little key kept getting brought up, that it was gonna be something important. But I had no clue it would reveal to Louis that Mike was a fraud! Yep, the secret is out to Louis. Who finally figured it out after he stopped being depressed and concentrated on something else. Way to go Mike, for unintentionally revealing your secret to Louis who now has something huge over Jessica.

In a way, I'm glad that the show took this route instead of what I was hoping it wouldn't end up in. With Louis getting so depressed and wanting to do something horrible to end it all. I was totally thinking the show would take that ugly route. It would be horrible and I probably wouldn't have watched the show anymore, but I'm glad it never even went down that way.

I believe Harvey really was trying to help Louis and not just out of pity. Donna's idea was brilliant. Have Harvey try to get a job in Boston where Sheila was, but it totally backfired when Sheila wouldn't even give Louis the time of day when he went to try to sweep her off her feet again. People kind of treat Louis like a jerk, so no wonder he treats them back that way. Of course, most of the time, it might be his fault, but anyways. 

You'd think that since Harvey decided to give Mike this awesome diploma and such from Harvard, you'd think Harvey would be smart enough to let Mike in on what the key was, since Mike would have supposedly gotten one. I'm surprised he never even thought to research that on his own. But it was probably something so small, that it just slipped everybody's mind, which was a terrible thing.

I thought the talk that Louis was having with Donna, was gonna end in the horrible way I thought the show was going. But all it did was let Donna know that Louis knows now, who calls Jessica to warn her. The minute Louis realized what Mike was, I knew he was going to blackmail Jessica into getting his job back. I mean, she's already doing something way illegal, why not keep Louis on, too? Louis the jerk returned in an awesome way. I've gotta say, I almost kind of miss that Louis. Almost. Louis' demands were that he get his name put on the door. Will that happen? Will Louis' dream finally come true? What will Louis do now that he knows Mike is a fraud? I guess all of those questions will slowly be answered in the next half of the season, which I hope is just as amazing as the first half was.

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!