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Suits "We're Done" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The title of the episode is pretty much a spoiler alert and a no brainer if you saw the preview of it in the last episode, since they kind of gave it away there anyways. But Rachel decides to tell the truth to Mike and I don't think it turned out the way she'd hoped.

So, she goes running to Donna for advice and after Mike has an awesome confrontation with Logan, goes to Harvey who Mike actually listens to and doesn't do something he'll later regret. It was so cute that Harvey and Donna both let each of them stay at their places. I love how we are finally seeing the softer side of Harvey. Even though for a few episodes there, I was kind of hating him. But I've never hated Donna. She's been awesome from the beginning.

Louis is turning out to be a pretty awesome character, too. Because of what Rachel said to Louis, she made him realize that if you love someone and want to try to make it work, you should. Which means that he is gonna try to work things out with Sheila! It was pretty awesome when he came to that realization, but that was quickly dismissed when he realized what he wanted more.

Jessica and Harvey have decided to reward Louis for saving the day and he can ask for anything. Well, almost anything. Not the thing he wants the most in the world, being named partner. Which was also Katrina's suggestion, too and was upset when he couldn't get that as well. But what his idea was, was cute. He was trying to get this all worked out so he could spend some time with Sheila. Which I thought was the perfect gift, but he had to use it for something else instead.

Mike is getting kind of blackmailed from Charlie (the jerk who offered Mike a job) and Mike is kind of rock bottom and after talking to one of his first cases (it was awesome seeing that guy again and he really inspired Mike), he horribly comes to the conclusion to accept the job with Charlie because everything in his life is falling apart, so I guess he doesn't care where he goes then. But thank goodness Louis was there to stop Mike from doing something horrible. Even though Mike was a jerk to Louis, Louis still cared enough to help Mike make the right decision by not accepting the job offer all because of what Louis had to do moments before. Louis is trying hard to make the illegal work go away, but Charlie won't think of it. However, he did give Louis a sort of way out. To frame Harvey for doing the job! Louis can't think of doing something like that and I had a horrible feeling that Katrina was going to herself, but she didn't, thank goodness.

Here comes the part where I wanted to hug Louis (yes, Louis!)! Instead of using his reward for Sheila, he realized how much he liked Mike and wanted to give him a way out of getting a job with Charlie, that Louis gave Mike his job back! Jessica wasn't thrilled to say the least. I don't blame her. Now she has to worry about her firm getting caught up in a lie again, but now Mike is back where he belongs and hopefully this show will get back to normal now! :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!