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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Face My Enemy" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

May and Coulson go undercover! Together! As a married couple! I've always felt that there was something more between them then just coworkers and friends, so I totally enjoyed this episode.

Aw Fitz, please get back to yourself soon. I still get sad every time we see him and that used to not be the case. This time, Fitz is thinking everybody has forgotten about him and not socializing. It doesn't help that the topic at hand is exes and Fitz doesn't want to talk about his girl trouble, since no one totally knew that he had a thing for Simmons. Even the fake Simmons tried to talk him into joining the group, but that failed.

May and Coulson are trying to recover a painting that was stolen that has alien markings. The same markings that Coulson has drawn. Now it makes sense why it's so important. Because that means there is someone else in the world with Coulson's "gift" (I guess you'd call it that?) and they think the painting could help find that person. 

May and Coulson's undercover work doesn't go as planned, though, when an old friend or I guess enemy comes into play, Talbot! Coulson decides to have a private talk with him to plead with him to not spill their secret. Which in turn let's us know that Talbot is bad! Or is he? Hydra somehow got their hands on something that would make their appearance change into whoever they wanted. That would explain why Talbot was acting odd.

Most of the action and important stuff doesn't happen until the end of the episode. How epic was that May vs. May fight? That end scene was the best! And not to mention while that's going on, the bus is completely falling apart and they can't do anything about it. Well, without Fitz that is. Finally, Fitz finds a way to talk to the team and hopefully make friends, since he basically saved their lives. It works, too, since at the end, Fitz is finally opening up to them. Maybe it'll help him recover.

Coulson eventually learns that May isn't May, but not before he accidentally tells Agent 33 who is now under control of Hydra, that Coulson is the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. which I'm thinking will be bad news later on. Not to mention the fact that he revealed the plan in case something worse was to happen to him with the whole alien deal. 

Raini is back too! The creepy guy that somehow survived all these years without ever aging, is threatening her to return something she took from him, but she doesn't want to give it back. That can't be good. For either one of them. Since it's the 084 and that's a horrible weapon for anyone to have.