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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Heavy Is The Head" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Continues where the other one left off. This time, we find out who really survived the car crash and it ended up only being Lance. Sad, I was hoping for more survivors, but how is Lance going to get saved when he can hardly get out of the car to begin with? May comes to the rescue, sort of. She wants to save him, but Lance told her to go after the Absorbing Man who now has the 084.

Which isn't a good thing. We all thought he was smart to get a rubber hand before picking up the 084 or at least I thought he was, but that turned out to be a bad idea. He ended up absorbing the 084 and is now the 084 or at least some of it. This 084 is some pretty scary and creepy stuff. Now the team really has to find him before he does anymore damage. It looks like Absorbing Man's power has gone away thanks to the 084 and he doesn't like that.

Surprise, Raina makes an appearance and looks to be like her story line isn't done yet. But what does her boss want with the 084 which she ends up taking? Another big question is why didn't it kill her when she touched it? Does it only kill when it feels threatened? 

I'm so hoping with Macks bonding with Fitz, that we will get our old Fitz back. However, it might take him a few days to do that since he realized that Simmons isn't actually there. Poor guy, I felt bad for him when Macks told him that and he realized this Simmons he was talking to wasn't really there. I think Macks and Fitz will be good for each other, but it doesn't have quite the same ring as Fitz and Simmons. I am still mad at Simmons for leaving her best friend in his time of need.

Carl is now in the General's possession but how long will that last and why did Coulson give him to the General? I know he was hoping for some sort of peace, but is Coulson getting at something else? I just knew that Coulson wouldn't go into that sort of meeting without backup and I was right. They were there, in the bus, just invisible! According to Coulson, Carl/Absorbing Man has turned into stone before so he doesn't think it'll be long before Carl/Absorbing Man is back. 

Was Lance really bad or was he being a double agent? I was confused during that part when he went and "shot" the other agents on the mission. But Coulson looked like he ended up forgiving Lance and recruiting him, so I guess he did decide to work with the General. So, then how can Coulson trust him?