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Castle "Child's Play" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was so cute! Seeing a different side of Castle and he was super good with the kids. Surprised me, but I shouldn't be surprised, though, seeing as that answers why he got Alexis and did so well with her.

It felt a little like Kindergarten Cop to me and I'm glad it didn't fully pan out like that. But it was still cute that it was slightly resembling it. The reason why Castle went to a school to be a guest teacher was because they figured out that a kid that went to that school is the witness that ran away from a pretty scary crime scene. 

Castle comes up with a pretty cool plan to try to figure out who witnessed the crime. Knowing kids wouldn't express their true feelings if they were scared out loud, he had them write stories. But you think it doesn't work, since the two kids he zoned in on weren't talking about real life, but something that happened on a TV show or something like that. It was still cute to see Castle try to bond with these certain kids to try to make them to talk.

Found out that there was a bully in the class, thanks to one of the girls Castle thought was a witness. It ended up being the bully that was involved, but it wasn't him that saw the crime, it was his sister. He was trying to keep a secret or else something bad would happen to her.

Eventually, they get the bad guy and all is good. But why are Castle's mom and daughter acting so weird? They've been almost babying him ever since he returned home. Kate said it got out of hand and I think Castle was starting to realize that too. So he finally had a talk with Alexis where we finally learn the truth of why they are doing this. Alexis is worried that if she let's her dad out of her sight again, she'll never see him again. Makes sense and Castle went through the same thing when Alexis was kidnapped. Now hopefully they got that out of the way and can be happy and normal around Castle again.