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Castle "Clear and Present Danger" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Castle has finally gotten back into the grove of things and this case was perfect for him! Was the attacker really of the devil or just an invisible man?

I love how sometimes this show takes the sci-fi root. Just not too scary or out there. But just enough to set it apart from other shows. I'm sure the writers have fun coming up with plots for each episode. I know I would. 

I am so glad it turned out to be something completely different then what they were making us think it was happening. So, this guy dies but there's no apparent sign of an intruder so how did someone get in undetected? The minute they saw the surveillance cameras, I knew Castle wasn't gonna be far behind in coming up with his fun and sometimes a little out there, theories. Especially when they hear that some people thought that the victim "made a deal with the devil".

Ok, at one point, I was thinking "Did Halloween come early for Castle and are they gonna totally throw us through a loop here?". They can and have done that before. Remember the time traveler? I think Kate started to get a little creeped out and started to think that maybe Castle was right and the devil really is in play. It didn't help that her and Castle were attacked by whatever it is.

As you could imagine, I was pretty thrilled when all the pieces came together. Will, the victim, worked secretly at a CIA lab that was trying to create the invisible suit! Well, that explains that, but who killed Will? They first thought it was the neighbor and I did too, but it actually turned out to be the girl Will was kind of seeing, but only seeing for her research! She found out that it wasn't really her that Will wanted, but her research and yeah, she wasn't too happy about that.

The only thing that is off with Castle and Kate is their trying to get romance back in their lives. Well, it finally happened, but it was funny when they thought they were being watched the first time. Hey, after I was attacked by an invisible man/woman, I would have been creeped out too. It was hilarious when Castle set up that trap in their room, but who didn't see it coming that someone was gonna walk into it and not who they thought? Martha ended up coming in on them and that ruined that. 

So, it does look like they are going to take at least a few episodes before they decide to bring us back to the mystery that surrounds Castle. Like I said, though, I just hope it won't take too long.