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Castle "Montreal" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The mystery around Castle continues and he gets ambushed by a TV talk show host and realizes he has to do something in order to get to the truth. So, his idea is to announce on TV that he is giving out this huge reward to anyone who has anything on him. The minute he said that, I knew that was a bad idea and so did Kate who brought up the fact that everybody in the whole country is going to be calling him and we were right. The Captain wasn't thrilled that he gave out the stations number instead of his home, though! But that kiss he gave the Captain when he thought he had something was hilarious!

I thought they had a decent lead one time, though. Since the guy called Castle's private cellphone. It turned out to be that the guy worked for the phone company and got it that way and was just a little crazy. The minute he said "ship" I knew he was talking alien. Castle was all excited though, so I felt bad for him. But he didn't want to talk about it to anybody else what had happened.

Aside from that, they have their new case and Castle is back on it, but a little distracted and Kate misses the way they used to work. Their new case is a bit odd. Once they dug a little deeper into the story, it all made sense. That's one of the things I love about this show. Most of the time, it's not a simple find the bad guy. They are led in different directions and have to figure out the puzzle in order to learn what happened. This one like I said, was quite strange. The guy that was murdered, was into some odd stuff. Why would he be coming home late from work? Why would he be meeting with a makeup artist? Why did he have another dog and another apartment?

Well, it all turned out to be that he was an undercover boss in his own company because he realized that his employees were smuggling drugs through the toys! It was all because his dog died and not because of old age. It died because of getting a hold of one of these toys and he had to investigate to learn why. So, he went undercover as an old man in the warehouse (hence the makeup artist and extra apartment, etc.). It was really interesting once it came about, but man it was bizarre at first.

Castle finally gets a promising lead when a couple who were on their honeymoon, were looking through their pictures of the trip and saw Castle in the background of one of the pictures in Montreal! Alexis is very smart and realized that the key he had belonged to a bank and they opened it and what was in there? Flash drives! Why? Don't know. He watched them with Kate and all it was of him saying "If you are watching this, it means I'm dead". So that's what makes me wonder if the guy Castle runs into at the end, wasn't telling the truth. The guy told him that Castle is the one who wanted his memory erased and to this guy even had a story that only Castle knew that would confirm that it was true. But there are a bunch of ways for someone to find that story out. Even if he hadn't told anybody before. Isn't there such a thing as truth serum? Why would the bank teller act all odd when Castle asked if he recognized him? I knew that guy was lying right off the bat. But here's the kicker, if Castle had his memory erased, why did he make those flash drives? Castle comes to the conclusion that whatever it was he did, he wants to put it aside and forget about it and move on. I have a feeling though, that that won't happen, seeing as some of this stuff is just fishy and doesn't add up. I won't be surprised if it comes to their wedding day again, that something horrible will happen. Or if the writers want to be mean, they wait until the season finale for us to learn more. I just hope it doesn't take that long.