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Hawaii Five-0 "Kanalu Hope Loa (The Last Break)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers so read at your own risk!*

"Last Break" wasn't the best in the newest season. More of a filler episode then anything else. But it was nice to see Kono take lead on the case. Other then that, not too much happened. Just a normal case.

They needed someone to go undercover when they realized that the girls who robbed the buses surfed, so of course it was going to be Kono. It was right up her alley. She was hesitant at first. Not totally sure why. Maybe it was the whole "going undercover as a surfer" thing that she didn't like or the swimsuit they picked out for her. In the end, she ended up doing it. Because their next choice was Grover. Why Steve wouldn't do it, I don't know, but yeah. Anyways, I didn't totally enjoy the whole scene out on the water. Thought it was a little lame, but Kono ended up catching one of the girls out of the surf chase. 

Who else doesn't love the fact that Kamekono is befriending Jerry? That part was just too awesome. Though I have a funny feeling something is going to end horribly wrong. Either Jerry will get kidnapped or something. But he won't give up. Even after Steve goes and asks around about this guy that Jerry is watching and comes up empty. That's Jerry, though. He's right and he doesn't even know it, let alone anybody else. I hope nothing terrible happens because if it does, Steve will feel horrible about not believing his friend.

For some reason, I'm not believing Marco that he has Danny's brother. Even after watching the next episode with what happened, I still don't believe it. I think there's more to this then we know. Thank goodness Danny finally found the money, but I think he should listen to Steve more. I just have a funny feeling that his brother might be more involved with this then we know. I would hope not for his sake because I would not want to get on Danny's bad side, especially with having a friend like Steve. But I just have a funny feeling that maybe through Marco, Matt was trying to get his money because he needed it and he knew how to work Danny to get it. I could be way off and I would hope Matt would never do that, but you never know when it comes to him.

Kono finally gets the girl she caught, to give up their secret location where they'd meet if something bad happened and they went just in time, too. The lady that was the victims "wife" found them too and was about to kill them if they didn't give the phone back. As it turns out, the "wife" wasn't really the victims wife. She had kidnapped him on the bus while the robbery was happening. She needed his phone in order to hack into some high level place to get a bunch of money. That's why she needed the guys' thumb print and needed the phone so badly that she was willing to kill for it. Kono's voice over was pretty awesome at filling us in on why the girls wanted to rob stuff. I missed Kono a lot last season and sure this episode wasn't the best, but it still let Kono shine and us Kono fans needed that.